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Big Red State Champions 1986, 1989, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2017. State Runner Up 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018

Muskegon Big Red Football Legacy:  A Family Tradition

  By now, it is no secret about the legacy that has been established and maintained in Western Michigan's small city of Muskegon that sits just on the outskirts of Grand Rapids, the state’s second largest city – The Muskegon High School (MHS) "Big Red" football team! In fact, we love to hear the stories again and again about how it all got started way back when...Classic lyrics by Emcee Shan. 

By far I am no Big Red historian, yet what I share is rooted in history and is one story of many that should be shared as it relates to Big Red Football tradition and the standard of excellence. The Big Reds boasts the winningest football program in the state, and one of the nation's top 10 winningest programs. With more than 800 victories over the course of time, there is room for a lot of history, information, and stories to be told. This particular story reveals the history of one family’s contributions to more than 100 of those victories. 

No matter how great or small the contribution, it must be duly noted that we were there, and in many instances played integral roles and participated in some monumental Big Red moments. Well before many of us started at MHS, we began perfecting our respective talents, abilities, gifts, and skills coming up through the ranks of little league football by way of the Port City Football Program. If you had the honor to wear the Big Red uniform over the past 40 years, then the first taste of organized football more than likely came by way of my fam, my main man, and Great Uncle, Willie Cunningham.

Willie Cunningham has been at the forefront of the football lives of many of the young men that eventually made that jog through Hackley Stadium’s tunnel on Friday nights and onto the field in front of thousands of cheering fans who had high expectations. The skilled coaching, and the ability to have a keen awareness on how to cultivate the future Big Reds, and their sk…

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Can't WE Just BE?

How many times have you found yourself trying to figure out why life is so difficult? How many times have you second-guessed yourself on something you knew or felt strongly that you could achieve, just because of how you might be perceived by others? For some of us, we push past those fears and overcome the complexities of life. For others of us, the fear can be disabling and can turn into depression so weighty that it is unbearable.

In retrospect, I consider how I've played the villain, questioning someone's idea of an undertaking. In some instances, I've caught myself mid question and held my tongue, realizing it wasn't fair for me to question someone's thoughts of or vision for themselves. Several years ago, I started to wonder how much I've done that to myself. Am I so judgmental of myself that I reflect that onto others? It's something to think about. How frequently have I lost sight of my dreams because they didn't work within the norms of life? How much have I set aside and eventually forgotten? And more recently I've decided to put forth an effort to do as much of those forgotten things than I ever have. Writing is one of those things, and this is a step to "un-depressing" or returning back to my original Self.

Everyone changes as we get older, and that makes sense, because of our experiences. However, some of us become completely different, and not necessarily for the better. Do you remember some of your favorite things from your childhood? How would it make your life just a little bit more fun to enjoy one of those childhood pleasures again? Just for "old times' sake". I think we've got to stop insulting childhood because these were our formative years, i.e. the years in which we were BEcoming Ourselves. Do you realize how many times we've been told to "grow up", that "games are for kids" and so on? How many times have you said any of those things yourself? Somewhere along the way we decided that our lives as adults had to be dry and dull. Games ar…

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Dark Life Matters 111417

Darkness has been cast away as if it is not necessary, and not a part of the yin yang full awareness, and a balanced experience. Over the past few years the light has become dominant in most 'stay woke' peoples dialogue. That's cool to a certain degree. Cause it is all a matter of degree, and everyone aint on the same degree, don't have the same degree of experiences, and are not concerned about the same degree of life matters. It appears as though the majority are moving towards, or on the same degree to the light, in the light, or whatever. That is a form of unity. Yet unity has been known to lead people into areas of activity that does not serve their respective desires. I'm thinking times past where people literally drank the kool aid. That is not necessarily problematic unless you evoke a desired emotional outcome, and then impending problems may come from the light not bringing forward the desired outcomes. I'm kinda laughing, but anyway..

I am not here to discuss the light perse I am writing this little artifact to shine light on the dark side of existence. From my observatory view, many wonders of the mind, and wonders of reality come into being byway of the darkness. In many instances darkness is the area that brings forth creativity, and life. How many of you spent any time within the darkness of the primordial womb? That is one of those rhetoricals, by the way. On average how many months are spent in the womb before being exposed to the light?  In general 9 months give or take. That is a pretty long time. Nine months of darkness before the total preparation is completed to exit into the light. Truthfully, things just has not been as pleasant since the introduction to the light. As a matter of fact, it has been somewhat chaotic ever since the light exposure for many souls.

The best things that sustain us also cultivates within the darkness for many months before the light of the sun comes upon them. If you are thinking vegetation, then you are abs…

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Home: The Place To Never Forget 111317

There are many keys to life that can open many doors. In my travels, and experiences engaging with quite a few people. Many look for one key to utilize for all openings. Of course, that should be the goal. After all when one devotes all of their existence to being within, and devoted to self focus totally, then they should become the master key. However, not many will commit to themselves to that degree. Not because they would not like to. There are a myriad of reasons that prevent one from becoming the key that they seek. The structure of society, and the programs that are running through television, social media networks, and radio frequency mind space grabbers have a propensity to have one feeling, thinking, and believing that they are selfish, and ultimately wrong for looking out for self first. On this soul journey, and battle for your thoughts, what else could be more gratifying than to see yourself evolve from within to the point of being a master key that can open up new realities at will?  Well on second thought, the more common thought is that it is more rewarding to look out for others first, even those that you effortlessly attempt to 'wake up' that didn't even asks for your thoughts in the first place.

It is interesting to me that people will go out of there way to share their respective thoughts with another.  In an effort to look out for people, and wake up people that have never asked, but will do a complete security clearance interview on those that they call, and consider friends, and family that may reach out for assistance in one way, or another. I heard the stories of no help from fam, and friends. I was always told that charity begins at home. At least that's what my Great Grand Mother would share with us, as a family unit. Never forget where you come from, and many other colloquialisms.

You are home. You are home wherever it is that you may be.  You are the home owner, and the deed carrier of your house, and purpose. Your mission,…

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Can I Borrow A Dollar 81617

What Does your Thoughts Say About You?  Are Your Thoughts Worth A Dollar?


It has been said that people can experience anywhere from 12,000 up to 70,000 thoughts per day. Now when it comes to the numbers, I'd venture to say that those are good estimates. No one can truly say with certainty. Some experiencing this life will create fewer thoughts, and others will manifest a far greater amount. The average person will generate on the lower scales of thought. While a more seasoned, flexible, deeper, and advanced thinker will bring forth around 50,000 thoughts minimum, and 70,000 or more on the higher scale of thought.

What are you thinking? How many of those thoughts are positive? How many of those thoughts are negative? How has your thoughts transformed your life, and the life of those around you? Has your thoughts assisted another in any kind of way? Are your thoughts repetitive? How often do you have new thoughts? This is just a quick example of the thoughts that I am having as I am typing this article. If there is such a thing in Rap Music as "freestyle", then this is the equivalent of what it is like when I allow myself to be free when I write. Free Style. This is one of the most profound aspects of freedom, that I have experienced on Planet Earth. The ability to extract something from the unseen, process it in the mind, register, and file it in my brain, and bring it into a physical reality through word in a matter of seconds. In this case, the written word. As the saying goes, "FREE YO MIND, AND YO ASS WILL FOLLOW." Ala George Clinton, Parliament/Funkadelic. So, what follows is an observation, and overview of thoughts, deeds, actions, and non-actions as it relates to a simple Facebook social media post: Can I Borrow A Dollar?

I cannot rightly put a label on myself as it relates to thinking. However, I can share what others have found comfort in labeling me when it comes to my mind, thought processes, and thought patterns. The following is a few…

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When do we start?

Loved this article! A true story of champions with or without the win. It is so amazing that your family has such a beautiful history with sports in your hometown. Talk about something being in a family's bloodline, football is truly in yours. I am truly proud and happy to read about your family of men: Big Red State State Champions.

I loved this article because it does 'bring to light' some great things. Just thinking back to all the so called 'dark' times in my life, it is where my journey began to try to master myself. The dark served and does serve a purpose. My initial birth came through the darkness and each rebirth after that came through the darkness. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Hey E enjoyed reading this lot of history here remind you time to write a book on the Muskegon smurfs how we all became a Big Red family and our Journey to the state title in 1986 the good times

Great Read Big cousin. I enjoyed every bit. Lots of facts and life stories I never knew about my family. I knew some facts... but wow some I had no idea. Good article Bro.

Totally agree with what you're saying. Remember the song by Maze,Joy and Pain..Sunshine and Rain? It's all about what you're saying. Very good message brother. There's an old wise saying,"Don't pray to God that he brings no hard times into your life but instead,pray to God that he gives you the strength and wisdom to deal with those hard times and learn from them. People learn more,become wiser and grow as a person from the tough times in their lives more often than the good.People have to realize that this Earth is a testing ground,a school of hard knocks,an environment meant to help us as spiritual beings developed those qualities like,compassion,humility,honesty,steadfastness,empathy,courage and the like. You can't develop those qualities in an environment absent darkness and discord.Just remember,darkness and like are close brothers. When you see one,the other is not far away. Learn to befriend them both.

I remember as a youth, I'd have the reoccurring thought, "If I could just get a million people to each give me one dollar, I'd be rich!" Who know's why I used to have this thought? Maybe I was watching some PBS fundraiser because you had to watch what was on when you didn't have cable? Maybe it was some paid commercial that triggered the thought? Whatever the case, I'd have this thought. A lot. Now, I never allowed those mental messages to manifest into something real, but reading this post showed me what it looks like to take a random thought blow a few breaths into it, and watch it come to life. Powerful stuff. Good Read. The point I loved the most from the article, circulate a few dollars among st yourselves. Cut out the middlemen. Wise wise words. Final takeaways? There's power in thought, there's power in words, there's power in money. Guard and protect all three equally.

Nice experiment! I should try it.

Thank you for sharing this is well written and thought provoking. I admire you you're a great thinker and risk taker in all your business ventures. Keep shining.

Good food for thought!


Your focus and dedication of thought on the mentioned shows your nature and heart being in a place we all need to be in our own way. Shows me the varying levels of my own thought and gives a focal point to start again from.

Thank y'all for taking a moment to read. I am grateful that it triggered something positve within you. Spread the word!

This gave me a great deal to think about. Thank you for sharing.

Very well written & deep, makes u think! ThAnkh u, I appreciated the deep penetration of my cranium!

Very powerful piece thank you for sharing. Leaving peace and love looking forward to the next one.



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