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Darkness has been cast away as if it is not necessary, and not a part of the yin yang full awareness, and a balanced experience. Over the past few years the light has become dominant in most 'stay woke' peoples dialogue. That's cool to a certain degree. Cause it is all a matter of degree, and everyone aint on the same degree, don't have the same degree of experiences, and are not concerned about the same degree of life matters. It appears as though the majority are moving towards, or on the same degree to the light, in the light, or whatever. That is a form of unity. Yet unity has been known to lead people into areas of activity that does not serve their respective desires. I'm thinking times past where people literally drank the kool aid. That is not necessarily problematic unless you evoke a desired emotional outcome, and then impending problems may come from the light not bringing forward the desired outcomes. I'm kinda laughing, but anyway..

I am not here to discuss the light perse I am writing this little artifact to shine light on the dark side of existence. From my observatory view, many wonders of the mind, and wonders of reality come into being byway of the darkness. In many instances darkness is the area that brings forth creativity, and life. How many of you spent any time within the darkness of the primordial womb? That is one of those rhetoricals, by the way. On average how many months are spent in the womb before being exposed to the light?  In general 9 months give or take. That is a pretty long time. Nine months of darkness before the total preparation is completed to exit into the light. Truthfully, things just has not been as pleasant since the introduction to the light. As a matter of fact, it has been somewhat chaotic ever since the light exposure for many souls.

The best things that sustain us also cultivates within the darkness for many months before the light of the sun comes upon them. If you are thinking vegetation, then you are absolutely right. The darkness, and richness of the earth, and the earth's soil when in the best conditions contains all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that we need to sustain life on this planet. Quite a bit of the earth's soil is black, or some variation of dark. Most definitely wherever the roots of vegetation begin is a place of darkness. Again, I am not dismissing the light. I am reminding all of the importance of the life's dark matters.  If the vegetation is exposed to too much light of the sun, then said vegetation will cease to exist in the same state of being.  Is nature out of balance?  Does nature remain balanced?  Are you, we, and the rest of us a part of nature?  Does nature provide the necessary balance of day?  In all things light, and dark shall share their respective natures in an equalized harmony.  It is a melody of sound. 

In the darkest hours of the night, and the darkest moments in life creativity spawns the arrival of greatness. Sift through the hours of your mind, turn on the light within, and reveal to us (in the comment section below) what you discovered buried deep down within the darkness of your mind, your gut, your experiences, your growth. The dark matters, circumstances, and situations made you a greater you.  Am I lying?  If you think so, then you're possibly  just weakened, and simple minded in the moment. Sike, I'm just playing, but for real though the dark matters is the shiznit. The negative is a spark. Asks all of your haters how they like you now. That is if you really need a personal reference, or reference point to to get that greater clarity on darkness, and dark matter sparks of ignitition, and positive change.  So a "negative" when properly interprepted, ignited, and utilized is a positive. Yes?!

In closing, many's interpretation of dark, darkness, and dark matters are clearly a program that stems from the original programming of all things dark is "bad".  Is it  time to reconsider your approach to darkness as it relates to the light?  It is not a negative, yet it may hold a negative charge. What do I mean? Well lets take a car battery for example. It has a negative post, and a positive post, right. Guess which one has the negative charge. That's right the black one. Does that make it the bad one? Which one of the post is the bad one? I'm not going to wait. I'm going to answer my rhetorical question that was inserted simply to shift the thought from one point to another point. Side-note, I once read that you only come to power when you come to a point. As stated by Suzar. Well the point that I, and hopefully, we are arriving at is that both the negative, and positive battery post are needed in unison in order for the battery to ignite the necessary charge to be optimally functional. Therefore the same can be concluded as it relates to the positive, and negative charges, aka light, and dark that emanates through the brain, and body.

I cannot tell you what to do, or how to interpret your internal, and external experiences, but i can say that negating one for the other, or flat out dismissing your dark matters all together would not be the best decision to make. That's a fact. That's an opinion for others. That's my word to the wise. Take it all with a grain of salt, a shot of apple cider vinegar, a spoonful of coconut oil (SunChild Essentials Coconut Oil preferably), a shot of your favorite intoxicant, a pull off of a square, a blunt, or whatever it is that you do. Above all though...

As always, thanks for taking some moments out of your life to read my mind/thoughts. Remember... As my Grand Dad used to say "WHATEEEEVVAAA YOU DO" Laugh, Have Fun, and Be Happy in the experience!

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Elliott Cee
Making Change One Thought, And One Mind At A Time™
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