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Coconut Oil Strikes Again (warning strong language)


So earlier this week I am itchy all over my body.  This is soooo unusual.  I had know idea what was going on.  Since I stay in the lab experimenting, and expanding my KNOWLEDGE of SELF.  I'm like if it is all over my body, then my blood has been compromised, and corrupted.  Now I begin to back track. Surveying what I had done differently the past 48 hours.  At first, there was nothing that immediately came to mind.  As I continued to go deeper into recall, I actually had not done anything differently perse.  Then it dawned upon me that I had consumed waaaaay more salt than I typically would in a 48 hour period.  I usually eat sunflower seeds.  During the course of a week.  I'd go through one salted bag of sunflower seeds that I get from local grocer.   This past week I bought two bags, and yes, in my binge eating fashion was nearly half way into the second bag when disaster struck with the deep tissue itching that I could not reach.  At this time I had no idea what was going on with me.  So, I get up and wash my ass.  Stop that!  I wash everyday, but I had to do it again as a result.  I figured it could only help the situation.  It did bring some relief, but only for a limited time.

The next day the itching was gone, and my eyes were itchy.  Primarily my left eye, and my face was irritated just beneath my eye.  I was conflicted at this point because I hadn't had this type allergies in quite some time, since I had changed the types of food that I was consuming.   Now i'm really confused as to what is transpiring with my body.  First, the all over body experience of deep tissue itching, and now itchy eyes, runny nose, and my face is burning with itchiness.  This shit right here, i'm thinking can't be happening to me.  That's what my emotions wanted me to believe.  However, my intellect overrode the emotional aspect, and I looked at the tools of reversal that at had on deck. 

I didn't have to go too far.  I overdosed on my Liquid minerals that I keep near my bedside.  I took more than the normal mouthful that I do upon arising every morning.  I was out of burdock root, which I keep handy most of the time, and I was out of my vitamin c that I normally would have readily available.  I was like, "aint this about a b!tch!!!"

Nonetheless, I had exactly what I needed for instant relief, and reversal of the irritations that I was experiencing.  I've been telling all of you, and i'm telling you again.  This coconut oil is really that amazing.

I jumped up washed my face, and afterwards immediately applied some coconut oil around my eye.  Applied it directly under my eye, on the eyelid, and even a little bit inside of my eye.  Within a few moments.  Less than 15 minutes, my eye was less irritated, and my skin had stopped itching, and burning.  This first treatment didn't totally eradicate the problems, but gave instant relief.  Fast forward 48 hours later, and I am 90% ridded of any allergy symptoms.  The following day, I decided to go for an extended walk.  Well actually I walked to the auto shop to pick up my car.  My usual walks are typically 1.3-2.6 miles which takes about 40 minutes.  Although I didn't measure the mileage on this walk, but it took nearly an hour, so I will conclude that it was more than my 2.6 miles strolls.  During that time I worked up a sweat, and didn't have not one allergic reaction.  PROBLEM SOLVED.

Now I can add on to the list of benefits of the amazing superfood coconut oil.  I'd recommend that you keep some handy around the house.  From this point forward I am going to try coconut oil for everything health related.  Headache, eat some coconut oil.  Irritated by a friend, or foe, eat some coconut oil.  Had a long day, I will rub coconut oil on my pineal gland, massage my shoulders with it, and my entire body temple.  Dead Serious!

As always, thanks for taking some moments out of your life to read my mind/thoughts. Remember......"WHATEEEEVVAAA YOU DO Laugh, Have Fun, and Be Happy in the experience!"

Elliott C
Making Change One Thought, And One Mind At A Time™
​From The Book Of El 3.15.16


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