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Soul Mates, and Other Outer Body Inner Connections


In general society has a way of programming, and dictating to the populous what a healthy relationship should be, and entail.  Often times that leads the many to strive in directions that are strenuous, taxing, non-expansive, and an overall drainage of good energy.  What follows is a rethinking of connections.  A paradigm shift in establishing, building, and appreciating connections. Whether those connections are rooted in love, like, physical intimacy, intellect, needs, wants, desires, or overall companionship.  It is imperative to explore, and expand the pathways in which we find ourselves on.  As well as, gateways that we will open, and or encounter as we travel the terrain of infinite possibilities.

Although there are many ways to come together, and title that coming together of two soul beings.  What is highlighted here will be the examination of what it is to be soul mates. What are the dynamics of having a help mate? Are you familiar with what goes into having a play mate?  Lastly, Life Mates (partners) will be delved into as we consider what may be the most beneficial reality for one to create.  Are these the only coupling, and coming together that one has available to them on the planet?  Of course not!  These however, are the ones that should be examined with the potential to bring forth the most rewarding, and pleasurable experiences.  As I have noted, and spoken on many occasions.  Life is one never ending process that shifts, and unfolds in many life stages, ages, and forms.  With that being the case.  The wise ones will choose to fill that one life to live with as many pleasurable experiences as possible. One after the other.  Why not?  Are there definitive components that make up each mating situation?  Hell no, and Heaven yeah!  There are areas of gradation, overlapping, and one spilling over into the next, or all sharing commonalities.  The primary difference, however will be guided by what is the dominant aspect of coming together.  As well as, what is the sustaining force of the coming together, and how that force is managed, and upheld

Soul Mates

The ideal of soul mates has been around longer than a little bit.  Often times it is the idea that there is this one being that is longing to connect with you as you are with them.  Bullshit!  Lets be reasonable about this.  Lets say that you live in a town, or city where the population is a 100k or less.  Those odds don't seem very logical to come across your soul mate.  The odds become even more far fetched as one spread their respective wings, and venture into the state demographics.  Still doesn't register with logic.  What about neighboring cities, and states?  The likelihood becomes even more challenging.  Yet the hopeless romantic sees it as a possibility.  With the advent of the world wide web, and social media one can connect with another in different parts of the world in a matter of seconds.  With that being the case, the coming together of souls creating a soul mate connection shouldn't be as difficult as it has proven to be if it was as simple as connecting with one person for eternity.  The odds, and programming of that thought rides the rhythm and vibratory thought pattern that is equivalent to winning millions in the local, state, or national lottery, Power Ball, or whatever.  Likely not gonna happen.
Going a little bit further into the reality of soul mates.  The dominant factor of coming together of soul mates is that of purpose. The unfolding reveals that a soul mate can enter into your life at any given moment adding value, and often times fulfilling a definite purpose, or purposes for the both of you.  The connection is one that is genuine.  Not forced, nor necessitated by desires alone.  It will harness a great synergy of energy where little effort, or drainage is prevalent.  Soul mates are not necessarily relegated to physical intimacy, although that may be an added component for the time spent together.  Soul mates, may travel in and out of your life.  Does that mean that the connection is severed?  No the connection is one that only those involved can identify with.  Those involved may spend years away, and apart from all communication.  Yet they have an inner knowing of the others intrinsic thoughts, feelings, and happenings, regardless of where they may be on the planet.  This I call as really "feeling somebody".  You Feel Me?! 
Soul mate connections are far, and few, yet many can identify with purpose, and a shared purpose with another being.  It is a very rewarding experience to be honored, and cherished on planet earth.

Help Mate

The terminology of help mates at the core is rooted in extreme religious ideology.  It may, or may not have a stench of patriarchy attached to it.  In all likelihood it does though.  However, there are those amongst us that desire help mate situations.  There is so much to be said about that style of relationship dichotomy that it would literally create another "holy" book to put the text all in context.  So, for the sake of clarity, succinctness, and healthy relations.  I will focus on the "benefits". 
Lets face it.  In this current era of great uncertainty for many, help is a very necessary call of the day.  Whether the call is to a family member, a friend, co-worker, acquaintance, god, or a total stranger.  The wanting, and or needing a help mate is dominated by circumstance, and environment, which ultimately leads to desire.  In all actuality this may be very temporary.  Although for others it may reap some long term benefits which may include but not limited to a frequent sex partner, help with daily, monthly, or long term expenses, business ventures, as well as a trip down the alter.  ​
These type of arrangements usually are low vibrational with potential to evolve into something greater as the interactions provide the landscape to get to know the one that you are engaging with.  Sex often times is an integral part of the coupling, and may be the force that damages the situation after all of the other desires have been met.  Sex is the bond that the two may be attached to.  Yet in time discover that there are no other commonalities, or innate connections. 
Help mate arrangements can lead to marriages that can be challenging, time consuming, internally unfulfilling, lose a lot of energy, yet the wise one will gain insight to who they are, and what they desire in life.  As a result, the necessary strength can be gained to rearrange the relationship to one that is more manageable, and fulfilling, or leave it all together.  So, the individual will determine at that point, and time if the help mate arrangement was one for their respective gain, and benefit. Besides, you only "come to power when you come to a point".  That point my friend is a moment of clarity.  A moment of strength.  A moment of release...

Play Mates

The driving mechanisms of play mates is fun, and happiness.  Fun in all of life matters.  When handling business, it is going to be fun.  When in the kitchen it is going to be fun.  When engaging in physical intimacy it is going to be fun.  When doing absolutely nothing it is going to be fun, and happiness.  Whatever it is fun is the force that bring these two together. 

We all know that children can be an extremely challenging experience.  Play mates with children, have a tendency to put their respective creativity in over drive for the sake of sanity, and the sake of the children, and to maintain a pleasant "fun" environment.  A few examples of how I created the term millennial play mates...Think of the 60's hippy infused with the early 90's Golden Hip Hop era.  Eras where the cultural themes were all about peace, love, unity, getting money, being creative, and having FUN

Play mates can pretty much do anything together with little to know effort.  Although for most major things, and themes more channeled, and focused energy is required with these two simply because it has to be fun.  These type of unions may be very gratifying to those involved.  Am I saying that it will be easy, and fairytale bliss.  Nope!  Not at all! I am saying that if it aint fun, then it aint gonna have any life.  It will be on life support, and die out quickly. 



Life (Partners) Mates 

People that have a tendency to engage in these partnerships are usually seeking to be self perfectionist.  The goal is self mastery. Although many will argue that ones own self perfection, and self mastery is not reasonable, logical, nor obtainable.  Life Mates would beg to differ.  The dominant aspect of these unions are intellect driven, and based in strong spiritual, and soul purposes.  Although they may appear to be "serious" to the observer.  The fact is, if intellect wasn't the driving force, then fun, and comedy would be.  For those involved in these arrangements,  the mind, brain, and thought processes dictate every, and ALL things.  If it doesn't make sense, then it does not have a place to exists.  The relationships are timeless.  There is a high level of commitment, although it is a very unorthodox commitment.  Outsiders beware, and aware...
Life mates, can live totally different lives, and lifestyles.  They come together for the greater good of the two, and family regardless of anything else.  Some common themes, and objectives will include but are not limited to growing finances, creating a life of purpose, a healthy balance of ones internal ecosystem to name a few. 
The knowing of the importance of finance is simply to experience the "best" in all things.  The high life.  The self mastery is so important because in these unions it is understood that As above, so below.  As on the inside, so shall it be on the outside.  So mirrors of your inner world aka spirit, and soul, and your higher self is exemplified in the physical manifestations that it created. 
There is so much more depth that could be said.  This is a general overview of looking at relating in the 21st century.  Maybe I will come back with a part ii, expand, and go into greater details, or maybe you will, or someone else.
The purpose, point, and intent was to shift the thought process on relating, and partnering by way of Soul Mates, Help Mates, Play Mates, and Life Mates.  I may add on even after it is published.  I can do that you know..
As always, thanks for taking some moments out of your life to read my mind/thoughts. Remember......"WHATEEEEVVAAA YOU DO Laugh, Have Fun, and Be Happy in the experience!"

Elliott Cee
Making Change One Thought, And One Mind At A Time

From The Book Of El

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