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Wellness Wisdom Article™ From The Streets To The Suites 1.14.16

In a nation where all things that have a humanistic element are at an all time low, at least in the minds of many.  it is easy to become a victim of someone else's desires.  What is the underlying cause of this victimization?  It is most definitely a myriad of reasons.  The most detrimental is being a victim of one's own thinking.  Since there are many factors that led to a corrupted thought process, they are equally relevant, yet time, nor space will afford me the opportunity to delve into all of them now. 

However, it is necessary to give notice to those that I know to be generational, and more problematic.  They will include, but are not limited to corporate media saturation of "current events" where the so-called reports, and reporters manipulate information for specific agendas.  Are you a victim of that?  ​ More than likely if you are one that fancies themselves on keeping up with "current events".  Big business, and political illusions.  We all have been victims of business and political agendas dating back to that very first moment that you tuned in!  

In this era of technology such as desktop computers, laptop computers/notebooks, iPads, as well as cell phone technology makes everyone vulnerable to becoming a victim.  All of these devices connect people to anonymous persons all over the world.  In this type of climate, it becomes easier to become a victim of all sorts of scenarios.  Included, but not limited to cyber crimes of fraud, GoFundMe, and similar types of funding campaign scams, buying bogus items from so called businesses, or craigslist advertisers, etc.  If you are so called minority, then you have a whole other form of victimization, and if you are a so-called Black, African American, and/or a woman, then your experiences have a long list of victimization, that eventually manifest itself into evolving into victimhood as one moves into manhood, and womanhood. 

Victimhood is a mindset that is attached to those that go through life, and never become accountable for the direction of their respective lives.  Am I blaming them for being victims in a society that puts unsurmountable pressure on them that would lead others to an expeditious suicide?  No, not at all!  I would never do that!  I don't blame a victim for being victimized.  I hold the victim accountable for the direction in which they want to take their life though.  Your life is in your mind, so handle it with careful thoughts, planning, and execution of those plans.  The results will surprise you.

Now, let me get to the point, cause this is not about being the victim.  This is about being victorious!  This is about being a winner!  Victory is always a few thoughts away, and winning is nothing less, or nothing more than a mindset trajectory that will lead you exactly where you'd like to see yourself in the moments to come.
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W​e all know a large percentage of exactly what we need, and should do to become winners in a world where the odds are against you.  Right?  Today is that day!  Now is that moment!  YOU are that person!  You are equipped with everything that you need to move forward, and away from victimhood.  As you continue to shed the layers of victimization, I guarantee you that you will become lighter, and as a result, you will encounter others on your journey that will become your continued motivation, and inspiration.  It is inevitable!  Like attracts like.  So, no more excuses, what's done has been done.  There is absolutely no point in taking victimhood into your future reality.  Unless you are comfortable with being a victim.  Besides if it is not occurring in this exact moment it aint really real in your life at that moment, so that moment is the moment when you begin to let it go, and strategize with action to never look back at things that once held you captive as a victim.
I salute you on this endeavor.  I believe in your highest self, and so should you!  You are a victorious winner!  
"Being a victim of anything is a major setback. Be a winner, that's sexy...Be victorious, that's sexy too"  -Facebook post from a few years ago.
From The Book of El
From The Book of El
Elliott Cee
Making Change One Thought, And Mind At A Time™


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