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All Of You: Accountability

Wellness Wisdom Article™: From The Streets To The Suites 1.11.16 

Accountability is arguably the most valuable thought, and action that one could utilize. It is interesting that many have yet to embrace themselves to that degree.  Simply stated, if you do not accept yourself in all of your totality, and 100% of your good, bad, and in between then there is a great detriment to oneself.  For the record, "good, bad, and in between" is merely a matter of perception, and in its purest form is merely energy perceived. 

That aforementioned detriment to self inevitably will manifests itself outwardly.  Basically, mirrors from the soul. The end result, you can't hide from yourself, and you most certainly can't hide yourself from those that can see.  So, wherever you are, so will your accountability, or lack of accountable be.  It's a new day!  How are you going to carry it?  Be Great!  Be Accountable!  Be All Of You...

From The Book of El
Elliott Cee
Making Change One Thought, And One Mind At A Time


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