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Making Change One Thought And One Mind At A Time

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What Does your Thoughts Say About You?  Are Your Thoughts Worth A Dollar?


It has been said that people can experience anywhere from 12,000 up to 70,000 thoughts per day. Now when it comes to the numbers, I'd venture to say that those are good estimates. No one can truly say with certainty. Some experiencing this life will create fewer thoughts, and others will manifest a far greater amount. The average person will generate on the lower scales of thought. While a more seasoned, flexible, deeper, and advanced thinker will bring forth around 50,000 thoughts minimum, and 70,000 or more on the higher scale of thought.

What are you thinking? How many of those thoughts are positive? How many of those thoughts are negative? How has your thoughts transformed your life, and the life of those around you? Has your thoughts assisted another in any kind of way? Are your thoughts repetitive? How often do you have new thoughts? This is just a quick example of the thoughts that I am having as I am typing this article. If there is such a thing in Rap Music as "freestyle", then this is the equivalent of what it is like when I allow myself to be free when I write. Free Style. This is one of the most profound aspects of freedom, that I have experienced on Planet Earth. The ability to extract something from the unseen, process it in the mind, register, and file it in my brain, and bring it into a physical reality through word in a matter of seconds. In this case, the written word. As the saying goes, "FREE YO MIND, AND YO ASS WILL FOLLOW." Ala George Clinton, Parliament/Funkadelic. So, what follows is an observation, and overview of thoughts, deeds, actions, and non-actions as it relates to a simple Facebook social media post: Can I Borrow A Dollar?

I cannot rightly put a label on myself as it relates to thinking. However, I can share what others have found comfort in labeling me when it comes to my mind, thought processes, and thought patterns. The following is a few examples from the outside world that have attempted to go within my world of thought and express their findings. "You think too much." "You're Deep." "You speak so well." "You need to lighten up." You shouldn't think so much." "Are you like this all the time?" "What do you do for fun?" What does all this mean to the speaker? Hell if I know? I do know for certain that I am comfortable being me.

Now since my conscious mind is always on the side of being aware. That is an indication that my subconscious, and superconscious also has a certain level of "awareness." Neither is ever in a resting state. So, I guess that makes my mind pretty aware. LoL...I am always thinking, and processing thoughts. In a single day, amongst the thousands of thoughts that I may have, many of my thoughts stay centered around a few common themes. Although the themes may be the same. I have a tendency to explore many angles to those themes. In general, I channel, and tune in my thoughts to self improvement matters, which includes, but not limited to my specific soul journey & experiences. Spiritual matters as it relates to my connectedness to The All/Everything is Everythang, and so called death, which is really living (again). Not many moments go past where I am not thinking of an ancestor of close acquiantance that has moved on to the next phase of their SoulJourn. Financial matters, business, and investments thoughts come frequently. Sex, of course. I recall some study, or data from several years ago stating that humans think about sex like every other thought, or two. Now that is hilarious, and I am not exempt. On second thought though, I guess it is a beautiful thing to think about home, and where we come from. Of course food is a constant in, and out of my thought situation. What to eat? How to prepare it? Where to get it? So, on and so forth...And as I Iook back over the years I can see the impact that Rap music, and Hip Hop Culture has had in my life, which brings me right to the point of it all. This article!

One particular day sifting through the thoughts in my head. Can I Borrow A Dollar? The title of the inaugaral LP from the emcee known then as Common Sense. Known today simply as Common penetrated my mind, and came to the forefront. It was one of my many random thoughts that I had throughout the day. Some thoughts are just passerbys, while others like to hang out with me for awhile. Well, Can I Borrow A Dollar is one of those thoughts that wanted to hang for awhile, and I must say, it has some hang time, cause we have been kicking it ever since that initial thought! As a matter fact, over the past several days Can I Borrow A Dollar has morphed, and shape shifted into its own reality, and I am wonderfilled as to watch it do its thing.

Now when I first made the post online, my initial thought was to do a subtle call out to all of the rap music aficionados within my reach, and see if anyone would connect it to Common Senses music. Sadly, no one made that connection. However, and this is where the external manifestation of transformation begins. Mind you, the first metamorposis was within my mind from the unseen into my thought stream, and into a tangible post. Low, and behold, the very first reply was an offer for the dollar to be borrowed.

So now, here comes another mind shifting transmutation. I am like, hmmm, lets see where this is going. Without any idea of what may become of this. Can I Borrow A Dollar? Has now become a social experiment of sorts. So, the question was asked what was my PayPal? So I gave it, and within a few minutes there was the first dollar that I borrowed. However, the giver stated that I didn't have to give it back. In fact, all that decided to allow me to borrow a dollar, mentioned that I didn't have to give it back. In a few instances, it was even stated you can get two, and ultimately acted on. One person, even shelled out four dollars of their respective hard earned money! This kindness, and generosity I DON'T TAKE FOR GRANTED!

If I had given any pre-thought prior to posting, or had any idea that people would actually be willing to allow me to borrow a dollar. I would have more than likely concluded that The Money Mistress, Ms. Fortune would not have a problem with releasing a dollar in my vacinity. After engaging with her over that last year or so, I have come to learn that she is truly a Financial Wizard. I have been honored to have been a recipient of some of her money plays via the stock market. She makes great calls that generally always leads to financial gains. Now having this understanding, and through this social experiment. I am clear that she, and a few others, such as Furry Footsteps (, and Eagle Business & Training Services ( overstand that $1, such as all dollars is simply energy according to the law of vibration.


So, anyone in their right mind, with the left and right braind activated, calibrated, and balanced, atleast on that particular thought would not want to short circuit the current, and the flow of energy that they are experiencing in their respective lives with their respective currency flow. Aka, cash flow. Having a conscious or subconscious overstanding of how energy flows, it was a simple decision to be made for them. Reciprocity, if you will. Which simply, put what goes around comes around, and back around again. Steady flow of energy unimpeded. I have come to overstand that those that have success with money matters versus those that think in terms of lack, or operate from a poverty thought process first are worlds apart in terms of how the mind filters information, energy, giving, and receiving.

Furthermore, if the law is actual, and factual. In this case, why would someone want to go against the law? What law are you speaking of Elliott Cee? The one that many have become familiar with over the past few years. The Law of Attraction. Well, damn what does that have to do with Can I Borrow A Dollar? The same as any law. It has effects. In this particular scenario, "yes" is affirming, and a "no" or inaction is not affirming, or affirming a different attraction. Which also brings in The Law of Cause & Effect as well. Since we know that money is energy, and energy needs to flow, and the current needs to not be short circuited...Could this bring about more abundance for the giver, and the receiver? Could a non-action, and a "no" bring about a subtle circuit breaker, or more currency stagnation, not necessarily in monetary value, but in overall life force energy, and value? Personally, I believe in the law. Only the respective individuals can say with great clarity how their lives are going with the ebbs and flows of thought energy. This is simply my interpretation of the laws as I know them.

I must also note that there are some that can bend the law without breaking it too. If I had to guess, I would say that those were some of my repeat customers of the SunChild Essentials Coconut Oils, and Shea butter, as well as the wears. A few of those family members were present on the post, and opted for another thought process. Adding interest, in the sense of their perspective, as well as adding interest, and, or a higher return. I thought that was interesting. Although I perceived it as a "no" initially. I soon realized (my perception) that it is just an inorganic way for the currency to be returned to them. I thought that was kinda dope as well. Yet for a dollar, the organic process was more in alignment with my vibratory frequency.

As the organic energy process continued to flow freely from one frequency to another, here comes another thought shift, that I shall explore, and vibe with as to how this lil phrase, that began as a thought about an album that was released 25 years ago has the potential to not only be a "social media experiment", but has the power to become a social financial movement of sorts, that won't require much effort, and the majority can participate in, quite simply because they don't have to leave the comforts of their home. Only the comforts of their mind, if need be. Most people don't have a problem coming up off of a dollar, and most people won't have a problem paying a dollar back. Whether the pay back is fast, or somewhere in the far future. It can be done effortlessly pretty much by any, and everyone.

When many people look in the mirror of their respective life, the ordinary, average person would align themselves with being compassionate, and having empathy for others. In real life though, we know that far too many would like to juxtapose their ideals, morals, and all that other type shit on someone that may be in need of a positive energy transference whether that is a simple jesture of concern, or giving a street person a dollar in their cup, or anything that would fall in between, or outside of the aforementioned. Sometimes it is almost as if humanity is so inhumane that empathy, and compassion is a mere illusion in the mind's of many. Certain criteria has to be met to be worthy. I get it, cause this is Planet Earth, and no one really ever wants to be scammed, used, or taken advantage of. The point though is givers give without conditions. I heard that is giving from the 528 hertz frequency (supposedly), the heart. Is that good, or bad? I have no idea. I do know that the whole vibration of the planet is elevating, and I would not want to be one of those that are stuck on an old frequency, that won't generate much reward, or power. We have been there, and done that already. Poverty Concsiousness, and external judgement which is merely a reflection of self in some capacity should truly be dead, and left uncharged. It has been on life support for awhile, but their are some that work unknowingly to resuscitate it, and recharge it. Now, find a rhythm, and sing "let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go." That is spiritual baggage from my vantage point over here. Lighten up...Literally!

Trust, and believe that I am clear that everything aint for everybody. Yet there is something for everybody in these words that I am sharing

As the dollars began to hit my PayPal I realized that this Can I Borrow A Dollar could actually be a financial movement, and a financial campaign to fund many, and much needed projects amongst us collectively. The final transition of Can I Borrow A Dollar? Has the potential to spark an all so needed transfer of energy within the thoughts, and minds of Black people, or whatever identifier best describes you, the individual all over the planet. Is there a more simpler way to circulate money within our families, organizations, and communities.


This is simple. $1 can transform many things. As I pondered the possibilities, a few things came to mind instantaneously such as the high ass college expenses, and most people I know have children that just might wanna attend one day. The dollar, and frequency of the borrowing can add up, and be disseminated over years, and years.

Starting a business with enough capital to do all that is necessary without struggling to do so, especially major advertising can possibly be funded with the concept of Can I Borrow A Dollar? In my mind, we all know what the challenges are. The weakness is that very few jaw jackers seldom stay activated participants that follow all the way through with the solutions. Is this a solution that you, and yours could carry out?

At the least, when there is someone in need of a quick fix such as rent, can get paid, or any other recurring expense that someone may be temporarily struggling with. For those that can see Can I Borrow A Dollar being a serious game changer can circulate those dollars amongst each other as many times as you like, and watch the lives of those involved transform into a greater, stronger, more secured force of will power. After all is said, and done, this is family, and community banking without the high interest rates that are associated with the banking industry.

One Dollar Has Power People....Now, Can I Borrow A Dollar?

PayPal:, Comments & Other Stuff:

As always, thanks for taking some moments out of your life to read my mind/thoughts. Remember......"WHATEEEEVVAAA YOU DO Laugh, Have Fun, and Be Happy in the experience!"

Elliott Cee
Making Change One Thought, And One Mind At A Time

From The Book Of El



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