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The I-N-I in me is free

To explore my femininity-

... The side of me that is she,

My Queen,

She is a divine being,

Complex, perplexed

And more pure than the X.


She is my nest of kin,

My omnipotent friend,

The Brown that covers my skin,

Conducting the beat of my heart,

Beyond smart-she’s creative,

And unique


She is the motion beneath my feet.


My Queen is beautiful and natural

Factually speaking,

She’s the soul of my soul

Our histories untold,

Unfold unto a solidity

Dismisses all iniquity,


And she is pleasantly refined-

Organically revived,

Thriving ‘cause she is the elevated state

Of the thoughts I manifest.

The best is yet, not a surprise,

Her beautiful brown eyes

Are the lights to my spirit

I see it and I hear it

Every time she calls.

When my back’s against the wall

She never lets me fall or stumble,

She is humble,

And blessed-

With wisdom and internal peace.


Never threatened by the beast within,

My Queen is my Queen until the end,

Or the next revelation;

I rest in peace and I’m pleased

‘Cause her voice eases

And strengthens my weakened knees,


And she’s beautiful

Like a smooth Caribbean breeze,

And care free

Like babies in the womb,

Not doomed or destined for stress,

She relaxes me like meditation


Her stimulation is not only sex

The quest,

Is the infinite love of her ways,

Dazed, crazed, and elated.


My love is her love.

Her love is mine,

For she is me,

And I am she

The masculine-embraced femininity,

Combined with separate identities,

Pleased that we know

And understand who we are.

I am your exhale

And you are my inhale

The air in life,

We are the righteousness of wrongs

The harmony of love songs.


Strong is the love in this temple

King and Queen on our thrones.

It’s been proven and shown.

Stressed it, tested, and blessed it

The best is still to come-

Together forever god and his goddess

360° of our presence.

The feminine of my masculinity,

The lessons of the I-N-I,

Me and my feminine side.

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