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Wellness Wisdomâ„¢ Article: Do You Know Your Food?


Do You Know Your Food?

Do you know your food?  This could be a "silly" question to some.  A "rhetorical" question to others, and a flat out poignant question for the modern food connoisseur.  Juicing with G has put together an updated clean 15 food list, as well as the dirty dozen.  Pay attention!  Class is in session LOL.  I am thankful that there are many on a mission to keep us informed about the wacky world of corporate war waged against our very livelihood by way of our mouths, and plates.  It moves me to wonder, why would people disguised as corporations think this way?  The most common reply to the question, would possibly be for the purposes of maximizing profits.  Yeah, I am sure that has a significant purpose in having to study, learn, and know the foods that you love.

Aside, from GMO, Genetically Modified Organisms being passed off as "food".  We also have to be concerned about the chemicals such as pesticides, and herbicides.  I may as well mention the soil.  The soil, according to many in the food productivity arena, health experts,  nutritional gurus, et al have shared over the years that the soil is depleted of over 45 plus nutrients (Vitamins & Minerals).

A lack of nutrients, in my opinion, is the reason that Americans now suffer from sooooo many disabilities, ailments, and diseases.  That are more rightly called imbalances. 

The following infographic is an excellent reference to get in the game of knowing your food, updating your knowing of food, or just simply being aware that the foods that you consumed may not be what they used to be, and what you thought that they were.

Dirty Dozen Infographic


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