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Can't WE Just BE?

How many times have you found yourself trying to figure out why life is so difficult? How many times have you second-guessed yourself on something you knew or felt strongly that you could achieve, just because of how you might be perceived by others? For some of us, we push past those fears and overcome the complexities of life. For others of us, the fear can be disabling and can turn into depression so weighty that it is unbearable.

In retrospect, I consider how I've played the villain, questioning someone's idea of an undertaking. In some instances, I've caught myself mid question and held my tongue, realizing it wasn't fair for me to question someone's thoughts of or vision for themselves. Several years ago, I started to wonder how much I've done that to myself. Am I so judgmental of myself that I reflect that onto others? It's something to think about. How frequently have I lost sight of my dreams because they didn't work within the norms of life? How much have I set aside and eventually forgotten? And more recently I've decided to put forth an effort to do as much of those forgotten things than I ever have. Writing is one of those things, and this is a step to "un-depressing" or returning back to my original Self.

Everyone changes as we get older, and that makes sense, because of our experiences. However, some of us become completely different, and not necessarily for the better. Do you remember some of your favorite things from your childhood? How would it make your life just a little bit more fun to enjoy one of those childhood pleasures again? Just for "old times' sake". I think we've got to stop insulting childhood because these were our formative years, i.e. the years in which we were BEcoming Ourselves. Do you realize how many times we've been told to "grow up", that "games are for kids" and so on? How many times have you said any of those things yourself? Somewhere along the way we decided that our lives as adults had to be dry and dull. Games ar…

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1116 Vibe High

Stay High, or Live Low


Life is full of highs, and lows. The high points are undoubtedly amazing to experience. The lows, eh...They can be equally as rewarding when viewed with the best perspective.

What perspective is that?  Some may be scratching their head.  Well, yeah.  Even when something creates a discomfort, or poses an uncomfortable challenge, it is an opportune time to catapult yourself into a greater reality.  You see, within all experiences there will always be something to gain in the form of growth.  Some like to call these life lessons.  I consider them life experiences.  For me life is one infinite process with many experiences.  "Birth" is an experience.  "Death" is an experience, and what occurs in between, and after the so-called "death" is yet more experiences.

Maintaining a healthy mindset will be monumental in formulating healthy perspectives in all of your respective encounters.  Am I saying that life is "all good"?  Hell to the nawl!  Am I saying that one should ignore "negative" occurrences within your respective lives?  Nope, not exactly!  Am I saying that one should be in la la land, and pretend that there is no evil in this world?  Again, hell to the naw.  Well Elliott, what are you really saying?  I am simply stating that one should not focus, and put an exorbitant amount of energy into things that are not in alignment with your highest self, lifestyle, and goals for you and your loved ones.  Process anything that you may perceive as "bad", and shift your mindset from that "negativity" as soon as possible.  That is what i'm saying.  This process can be as simple, and swift as you decide for it to be, or it can be as long, and drawn out as you think that it should....Everyone, vibes are different, so....Keep up the progress, regardless....

So, after all is said, and done, your life is in your mind.  So for better, or for worse it is you that will guide yourself into a state of mind th…

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Wellness Wisdom Article™ From The Streets To The Suites 1.14.16

In a nation where all things that have a humanistic element are at an all time low, at least in the minds of many.  it is easy to become a victim of someone else's desires.  What is the underlying cause of this victimization?  It is most definitely a myriad of reasons.  The most detrimental is being a victim of one's own thinking.  Since there are many factors that led to a corrupted thought process, they are equally relevant, yet time, nor space will afford me the opportunity to delve into all of them now. 

However, it is necessary to give notice to those that I know to be generational, and more problematic.  They will include, but are not limited to corporate media saturation of "current events" where the so-called reports, and reporters manipulate information for specific agendas.  Are you a victim of that?  ‚Äč More than likely if you are one that fancies themselves on keeping up with "current events".  Big business, and political illusions.  We all have been victims of business and political agendas dating back to that very first moment that you tuned in!  

In this era of technology such as desktop computers, laptop computers/notebooks, iPads, as well as cell phone technology makes everyone vulnerable to becoming a victim.  All of these devices connect people to anonymous persons all over the world.  In this type of climate, it becomes easier to become a victim of all sorts of scenarios.  Included, but not limited to cyber crimes of fraud, GoFundMe, and similar types of funding campaign scams, buying bogus items from so called businesses, or craigslist advertisers, etc.  If you are so called minority, then you have a whole other form of victimization, and if you are a so-called Black, African American, and/or a woman, then your experiences have a long list of victimization, that eventually manifest itself into evolving into victimhood as one moves into manhood, and wom…

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All Of You: Accountability

Wellness Wisdom Article™: From The Streets To The Suites 1.11.16 

Accountability is arguably the most valuable thought, and action that one could utilize. It is interesting that many have yet to embrace themselves to that degree.  Simply stated, if you do not accept yourself in all of your totality, and 100% of your good, bad, and in between then there is a great detriment to oneself.  For the record, "good, bad, and in between" is merely a matter of perception, and in its purest form is merely energy perceived. 

That aforementioned detriment to self inevitably will manifests itself outwardly.  Basically, mirrors from the soul. The end result, you can't hide from yourself, and you most certainly can't hide yourself from those that can see.  So, wherever you are, so will your accountability, or lack of accountable be.  It's a new day!  How are you going to carry it?  Be Great!  Be Accountable!  Be All Of You...

From The Book of El
Elliott Cee
Making Change One Thought, And One Mind At A Time


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Balance With Clear Vision

    Balance With Clear Vision  

Wellness Wisdom Article™: From The Streets To The Suites

Balance: a state in which different things occur in equal or proper amounts or have an equal or proper amount of importance.  -Merriam Webster online dictionary


Recently I was having a conversation with a young lady that teaches Hip Hop dance to the babies at the neighborhood Y.  During our conversation, I shared with her that earlier that morning while driving westward, the sun was shining behind me, and the moon was visibly glowing in front of me.  I told her that I was balanced between the two.  The teeter to the tot, and the tot to the teeter (lol), if you will.

I went on in saying that I co-existed with nature,  a part of nature, and that The All is everything, and everything is The All.  Which in lamen thought is a contradiction.  But, isn't most things in ground level thinking a contradiction?  I very seldom stay grounded, knowing that I can fly.  Well, anyway.  She most definitely pulled me up on the statement, and asked if you co-exist with nature, then what you said doesn't make any since.  I said "it doesn't make sense to you".  Now of course, she had a valid point, and perspective. But what she lacked was the moment in time in which I had the experience, and the interpretation of what that experience was to me, and that my friend is where the rubber meets the road.

In an attempt to invite her into my world, I explained that every cell of the body has it's own identity, and when they come close together they appear to make an organ, or another larger component.  I asked her where were they housed?  Which in her mind was possibly a "trick" question, cause i never got an answer, or I wasn't patient enough to wait beyond the time that I figured she would have taken to respond, since she had been very quickly responsive earlier in the dialogue, so I continued on with sharing "my world view".  I elaborated, and shared that the …

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