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Can't WE Just BE?

How many times have you found yourself trying to figure out why life is so difficult? How many times have you second-guessed yourself on something you knew or felt strongly that you could achieve, just because of how you might be perceived by others? For some of us, we push past those fears and overcome the complexities of life. For others of us, the fear can be disabling and can turn into depression so weighty that it is unbearable.

In retrospect, I consider how I've played the villain, questioning someone's idea of an undertaking. In some instances, I've caught myself mid question and held my tongue, realizing it wasn't fair for me to question someone's thoughts of or vision for themselves. Several years ago, I started to wonder how much I've done that to myself. Am I so judgmental of myself that I reflect that onto others? It's something to think about. How frequently have I lost sight of my dreams because they didn't work within the norms of life? How much have I set aside and eventually forgotten? And more recently I've decided to put forth an effort to do as much of those forgotten things than I ever have. Writing is one of those things, and this is a step to "un-depressing" or returning back to my original Self.

Everyone changes as we get older, and that makes sense, because of our experiences. However, some of us become completely different, and not necessarily for the better. Do you remember some of your favorite things from your childhood? How would it make your life just a little bit more fun to enjoy one of those childhood pleasures again? Just for "old times' sake". I think we've got to stop insulting childhood because these were our formative years, i.e. the years in which we were BEcoming Ourselves. Do you realize how many times we've been told to "grow up", that "games are for kids" and so on? How many times have you said any of those things yourself? Somewhere along the way we decided that our lives as adults had to be dry and dull. Games are for adults as much as kids, but we forget that due to all the societal games that are negatively impacting what could essentially be joyful, full living. Yes, I am bothered that corporations and governments dictate where we can go and what we can do as far as simple, fun, enjoyable, basic living.

The question is, don't we want to just BE?! Listen, some days I am just so full of joy that I can help but to greet everyone I see with a beaming smile. On other days I am not quite as bubbly. And on those especially rough days I search out the nearest park with a swing set and in my "aloneness", I swing as high as I can until it feels like I'm flying. That was my escape as a child and it is my escape as an adult (I'm 44). For years I denied myself this pleasure, because I am an "adult", and then I came to my senses... who cares what anyone else thinks!! The peace I get is much better (and safer) than having a glass of wine, than talking to a friend, than anything! I am free in my thoughts, and I can come up with a multitude of solutions to my issues. If your thing was building sand castles, or running, or flying a kite, or playing with dolls... whatever it was that brought you peace, may you find solace in that thing on your hardest days and find the will and desire to JUST BE!!


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