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Making Change One Thought And One Mind At A Time

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Stay High, or Live Low


Life is full of highs, and lows. The high points are undoubtedly amazing to experience. The lows, eh...They can be equally as rewarding when viewed with the best perspective.

What perspective is that?  Some may be scratching their head.  Well, yeah.  Even when something creates a discomfort, or poses an uncomfortable challenge, it is an opportune time to catapult yourself into a greater reality.  You see, within all experiences there will always be something to gain in the form of growth.  Some like to call these life lessons.  I consider them life experiences.  For me life is one infinite process with many experiences.  "Birth" is an experience.  "Death" is an experience, and what occurs in between, and after the so-called "death" is yet more experiences.

Maintaining a healthy mindset will be monumental in formulating healthy perspectives in all of your respective encounters.  Am I saying that life is "all good"?  Hell to the nawl!  Am I saying that one should ignore "negative" occurrences within your respective lives?  Nope, not exactly!  Am I saying that one should be in la la land, and pretend that there is no evil in this world?  Again, hell to the naw.  Well Elliott, what are you really saying?  I am simply stating that one should not focus, and put an exorbitant amount of energy into things that are not in alignment with your highest self, lifestyle, and goals for you and your loved ones.  Process anything that you may perceive as "bad", and shift your mindset from that "negativity" as soon as possible.  That is what i'm saying.  This process can be as simple, and swift as you decide for it to be, or it can be as long, and drawn out as you think that it should....Everyone, vibes are different, so....Keep up the progress, regardless....

So, after all is said, and done, your life is in your mind.  So for better, or for worse it is you that will guide yourself into a state of mind that is permanently healthy, and free of stress, doubt, worry, etc.  I believe in your higher self, and so should you!
From The Book of El
Elliott Cee
Making Change One Thought, And One Mind At A Time


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