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SunChild Essentials Wellness Wisdom Poetry

Shadow Boxing (Tri-Dimensional Anguish)

Shadow boxing,

™my sparring partner is

me versus I,

with my self's 1st degree;

'cause it's easy to harm my inner visions

and stagnate the progression,

the hate is the infection.


Incisions made and penetrated

the 2nd degree

of this tri-dimensional monopoly;

degrades my fate and faith.

My destiny is great,

or less than The Most High's will,

I will build with that

which is me,

and undercut my potential.

The wounds burn like lightening

and its frightening cause I know better.


I creep slowly through the headstrong debris,

only to realize that i'm not

totally free,

Exit wound in the 3rd degree.

As the sweat pours from this endless bout,

Round 1: A mental knock out

Recovery is inevitable!

Round 2: A physical TKO,

I begin to breathe slow.

Round 3: My spirituality is against the ropes,

I'm diminished in hope.

Slipped, failed, and choked

off of second hand cancerous smoke.


Regrouped and refocused by none other

than myself,

only to find out that dimension 3 is the epitome

of the tri-dimensional anguish.

I wish this were painless,

This nemesis is aimless suffering.

During round 4,

I get real bold,

my soul loses to doubt and self-control,

I'm sitting front and center,

preacher screaming

and the congregation shouts.

Should I form a new quest like tribe,

and try another route?


The roots of this is senseless,

repentance on bended knees or flee

from myself to save me?

Looking in the mirror I see a reflection-

The shadows of light;

whether wrong or right it's true.

Before I can love you,

I have to understand me,

and be with myself to introduce you

to I.

We seduce and induce lucifer's juice,

the result is intrusion of one's self.

Life shadows at sunset,

no regrets,

I'm gaining my own self-respect.

The bet is against the 4th and 5th di…

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An Ode To We

Your aura has been captivating


the importance of the now...

Unknown to the physical;

The spiritual has been ignited

by the reuniting of energies.

The frequencies that are shared

vibrate & resonate

on levels we have not attained

during this journey.


We awaken yearning for more

of the fulfilment.

Replenishing what's been desolate & left for not

Overpowered by outer limits...

Limited forces

trying to erase what we need,

what we desire,

what elevates,

and replaced by will and power;

A program of The Matrix

leaving us alone

even when you are there.


Recalibrate the moment so that it

shall be indefinitely what is...

Stellar imperatives not restricted by time nor space

Confronting limitations face2face

yours to yours, and mind2mind;

The reflection is eternal

Do you remember?

Can you remember?

Will you remember?

Wheel yourself into a new day

sustaining all that which is



and ascend into your truest self and desires.


Elliott C, Wellness Architect™

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The I-N-I in me is free

To explore my femininity-

... The side of me that is she,

My Queen,

She is a divine being,

Complex, perplexed

And more pure than the X.


She is my nest of kin,

My omnipotent friend,

The Brown that covers my skin,

Conducting the beat of my heart,

Beyond smart-she’s creative,

And unique


She is the motion beneath my feet.


My Queen is beautiful and natural

Factually speaking,

She’s the soul of my soul

Our histories untold,

Unfold unto a solidity

Dismisses all iniquity,


And she is pleasantly refined-

Organically revived,

Thriving ‘cause she is the elevated state

Of the thoughts I manifest.

The best is yet, not a surprise,

Her beautiful brown eyes

Are the lights to my spirit

I see it and I hear it

Every time she calls.

When my back’s against the wall

She never lets me fall or stumble,

She is humble,

And blessed-

With wisdom and internal peace.


Never threatened by the beast within,

My Queen is my Queen until the end,

Or the next revelation;

I rest in peace and I’m pleased

‘Cause her voice eases

And strengthens my weakened knees,


And she’s beautiful

Like a smooth Caribbean breeze,

And care free

Like babies in the womb,

Not doomed or destined for stress,

She relaxes me like meditation


Her stimulation is not only sex

The quest,

Is the infinite love of her ways,

Dazed, crazed, and elated.


My love is her love.

Her love is mine,

For she is me,

And I am she

The masculine-embraced femininity,

Combined with separate identities,

Pleased that we know

And understand who we are.

I am your exhale

And you are my inhale

The air in life,

We are the righteousness of wrongs

The harmony of love songs.


Strong is the love in this temple

King and Queen on our thrones.

It’s been proven and shown.

Stressed it, tested, and blessed it

The best is still to come-

Together forever god and his goddess

360° of our presence.

The feminine of my masculin…

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Healing Thoughts aka The Healing


My wish for you is to be...

Be what you desire

Be free

Free from fear

And from that which binds

Be so free that when you

Think of what it means to be free

You have to redefine yourself

over & over

'Til you & freedom are one-

No longer a footnote at the end

of another's agenda


Love her, love she, love you

cause you are they, and they are you...


My wish for you is to be...

Be who you are

For you are beautiful

And full of life

And life is love & love is you

Be so into you that the only confirmation

Needed is the fact that you exists...

Affirm all aspects of yourself

So that each day your affirmation

Will be so powerful

That only you will comprehend-

Cause from beginning to end

That's what really matters.


My wish for you is to be

Be U nique

Be you tiful

Be u nified within


Be forgiving

Be courageous

Be with Peace inside


Cause Positive Energy Always Creates Elevation


Elliott C

Wellness Architect™

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