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An Ode To We

Your aura has been captivating


the importance of the now...

Unknown to the physical;

The spiritual has been ignited

by the reuniting of energies.

The frequencies that are shared

vibrate & resonate

on levels we have not attained

during this journey.


We awaken yearning for more

of the fulfilment.

Replenishing what's been desolate & left for not

Overpowered by outer limits...

Limited forces

trying to erase what we need,

what we desire,

what elevates,

and replaced by will and power;

A program of The Matrix

leaving us alone

even when you are there.


Recalibrate the moment so that it

shall be indefinitely what is...

Stellar imperatives not restricted by time nor space

Confronting limitations face2face

yours to yours, and mind2mind;

The reflection is eternal

Do you remember?

Can you remember?

Will you remember?

Wheel yourself into a new day

sustaining all that which is



and ascend into your truest self and desires.


Elliott C, Wellness Architect™

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