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Healing Thoughts aka The Healing


My wish for you is to be...

Be what you desire

Be free

Free from fear

And from that which binds

Be so free that when you

Think of what it means to be free

You have to redefine yourself

over & over

'Til you & freedom are one-

No longer a footnote at the end

of another's agenda


Love her, love she, love you

cause you are they, and they are you...


My wish for you is to be...

Be who you are

For you are beautiful

And full of life

And life is love & love is you

Be so into you that the only confirmation

Needed is the fact that you exists...

Affirm all aspects of yourself

So that each day your affirmation

Will be so powerful

That only you will comprehend-

Cause from beginning to end

That's what really matters.


My wish for you is to be

Be U nique

Be you tiful

Be u nified within


Be forgiving

Be courageous

Be with Peace inside


Cause Positive Energy Always Creates Elevation


Elliott C

Wellness Architect™

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