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There are many keys to life that can open many doors. In my travels, and experiences engaging with quite a few people. Many look for one key to utilize for all openings. Of course, that should be the goal. After all when one devotes all of their existence to being within, and devoted to self focus totally, then they should become the master key. However, not many will commit to themselves to that degree. Not because they would not like to. There are a myriad of reasons that prevent one from becoming the key that they seek. The structure of society, and the programs that are running through television, social media networks, and radio frequency mind space grabbers have a propensity to have one feeling, thinking, and believing that they are selfish, and ultimately wrong for looking out for self first. On this soul journey, and battle for your thoughts, what else could be more gratifying than to see yourself evolve from within to the point of being a master key that can open up new realities at will?  Well on second thought, the more common thought is that it is more rewarding to look out for others first, even those that you effortlessly attempt to 'wake up' that didn't even asks for your thoughts in the first place.

It is interesting to me that people will go out of there way to share their respective thoughts with another.  In an effort to look out for people, and wake up people that have never asked, but will do a complete security clearance interview on those that they call, and consider friends, and family that may reach out for assistance in one way, or another. I heard the stories of no help from fam, and friends. I was always told that charity begins at home. At least that's what my Great Grand Mother would share with us, as a family unit. Never forget where you come from, and many other colloquialisms.

You are home. You are home wherever it is that you may be.  You are the home owner, and the deed carrier of your house, and purpose. Your mission,…

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Soul Mates, and Other Outer Body Inner Connections


In general society has a way of programming, and dictating to the populous what a healthy relationship should be, and entail.  Often times that leads the many to strive in directions that are strenuous, taxing, non-expansive, and an overall drainage of good energy.  What follows is a rethinking of connections.  A paradigm shift in establishing, building, and appreciating connections. Whether those connections are rooted in love, like, physical intimacy, intellect, needs, wants, desires, or overall companionship.  It is imperative to explore, and expand the pathways in which we find ourselves on.  As well as, gateways that we will open, and or encounter as we travel the terrain of infinite possibilities.

Although there are many ways to come together, and title that coming together of two soul beings.  What is highlighted here will be the examination of what it is to be soul mates. What are the dynamics of having a help mate? Are you familiar with what goes into having a play mate?  Lastly, Life Mates (partners) will be delved into as we consider what may be the most beneficial reality for one to create.  Are these the only coupling, and coming together that one has available to them on the planet?  Of course not!  These however, are the ones that should be examined with the potential to bring forth the most rewarding, and pleasurable experiences.  As I have noted, and spoken on many occasions.  Life is one never ending process that shifts, and unfolds in many life stages, ages, and forms.  With that being the case.  The wise ones will choose to fill that one life to live with as many pleasurable experiences as possible. One after the other.  Why not?  Are there definitive components that make up each mating situation?  Hell no, and Heaven yeah!  There are areas of gradation, overlapping, and one spilling over into the next, or all sharing commonalities.  The primary difference, however will …

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