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Making Change One Thought And One Mind At A Time

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There are many keys to life that can open many doors. In my travels, and experiences engaging with quite a few people. Many look for one key to utilize for all openings. Of course, that should be the goal. After all when one devotes all of their existence to being within, and devoted to self focus totally, then they should become the master key. However, not many will commit to themselves to that degree. Not because they would not like to. There are a myriad of reasons that prevent one from becoming the key that they seek. The structure of society, and the programs that are running through television, social media networks, and radio frequency mind space grabbers have a propensity to have one feeling, thinking, and believing that they are selfish, and ultimately wrong for looking out for self first. On this soul journey, and battle for your thoughts, what else could be more gratifying than to see yourself evolve from within to the point of being a master key that can open up new realities at will?  Well on second thought, the more common thought is that it is more rewarding to look out for others first, even those that you effortlessly attempt to 'wake up' that didn't even asks for your thoughts in the first place.

It is interesting to me that people will go out of there way to share their respective thoughts with another.  In an effort to look out for people, and wake up people that have never asked, but will do a complete security clearance interview on those that they call, and consider friends, and family that may reach out for assistance in one way, or another. I heard the stories of no help from fam, and friends. I was always told that charity begins at home. At least that's what my Great Grand Mother would share with us, as a family unit. Never forget where you come from, and many other colloquialisms.

You are home. You are home wherever it is that you may be.  You are the home owner, and the deed carrier of your house, and purpose. Your mission, your purpose, and your happiness is solely dependent on you. If you are fortunate to come across another being that adds, or enhances your happiness, then that is great!  The body is the temple, and the mind is the key simulated by the brain computer. I have had to delete many old programs containing data that didn't serve my future purpose. After doing so, I dusted off treasures that were buried deep within, reformatted the newly found data. Made it anew, and uploaded that information to my brain. The result, a more rewarding reality came to be. Happiness, and a peace of mind followed.

Anyway, the point of this little dissertation is to reassure you that it is ok to take care of your experiences so that you come through them all with more profound occurrences of happiness, fulfilment, and more frequent growth spurts. A perpetual leveling up, if you will. Otherwise, what is the point?

At the beginning of this writing the point was to be aware of the keys, and tools that you have at your disposal with the ultimate reward of becoming a master key. It is interesting that I have discovered many keys during this life cycle, and they all one way or another led me directly back home, to myself. Know that whatever keys that you have used to open the doors to your thought stream, and the ones that you have accepted as powerful. There is always more unlocking that can l take place. That is if you are aware of your own insights. That is one of the many beauties of life, and experiences. A never ending excursion of self discovery, and aha moments. See how that works. You are the key. At this current space on my soul journ the sign reads "prayer is talking. Meditation is listening." I talk, and listen to myself more than anyone, or anything else. The revealing is the healing, as well as a key that opens doors, and pathways to more rewarding experiences. Besides it is also fun. Ultimately, there may not be a point at all for you. This is just me sharing a frequency out of the many vibrations that I have experienced.

Since this is the Planet we collectively call Earth, it is a planet of many things. I Think that it is safe to conclude that it is a war, drugs, sex, and deceit planet for sure. Then there is the soul, and spirit, and thought which may not be of this planet, but buried deep in the collective genetic DNA, we all know that it is of our essence. Ironically, the war, drugs, sex, deceit, etc. are all in opposition to you, and used as a distraction keeping many away from using the keys of soul, spirit, and thought which we all brought on this journey to this planet. Funny how those keys are all inside....Moral of the story.... Winners expect to win in advance.

For those that are equipped with the most memory...Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Remember where you came from. Always remember home

As always, thanks for taking some moments out of your life to read my mind/thoughts. Remember......"WHATEEEEVVAAA YOU DO" Laugh, Have Fun, and Be Happy in the experience!

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Elliott Cee
Making Change One Thought, And One Mind At A Time™
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