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Spiritual Integrity


Recently I had a random thought.  One of those thoughts that hits you when you previously wasn't thinking about anything lol. So as opposed to going at it alone I took to social media and posed two questions for those in my network.  As a result, much learning took place on my behalf as it relates to the myriad of thought process, and vibrations that people operated from.  A highlight of the learning consisted of the following.  Interestingly, no answers were duplicate.  Not many were even similar.  Those that participated were comfortable, and free enough to allow themselves to share something that may be considered intimate with me.  In my opinion, that is spiritual in and of itself.  Most importantly though, I appreciate everyone that took a moment out of your life to adhere to my need for receiving your insight.

Some responded quickly.  Others responded to acknowledge the message with the intent to answer the question "later."  While others, simply flat out ignored the call.  What if the aforementioned was a gauge of ones spiritual meter?  What would that say about each individual person?  I don't know.  

Little did I know at the time when this process began that this would serve as independent research,  a random survey, as well as a learning tool which was the original intent.  I most certainly didn't anticipate sharing the data here on this forum.  This in my opinion, again was a spiritual, and organic process.  The best things experienced in my life has followed this process.

It is imperative to do independent research to not rely so heavily on data collected, shared, and then passed off as fact, truth, or real by people that you have never once interacted with, and have no idea of what there intent is.  Often times the intent is to focus your mind power on an untruth that is attached to an agenda of detriment to you, or your loved ones in some way,  form, or fashion.  Typically, the data is attached to some numerical percentages that more often than not are arbitrary, and random.  Basically having no intrinsic value, or merit.  Instead of following that pattern of meaningless percentages.  I went directly to everyday people, and their words will not be numbered percentages here.  It will be their words!  

So, as this process took flight from me simply being nosy to morphing into valuable information that can possibly align the right people with each other to move forward, and higher in this phase of your journey.  I have concluded that not only like minded people should become uniformed, also like spirited, and those with like intentions/Soul purpose, if you will.

After it is all said and done.  Everyone has desires, and a divine purpose.  Can you do it alone?  Will you go at it alone? Will you vibrate towards those that vibrate on the same wave length?  What will you do?  We are now in the age, and era of doing. The old age, and era of simply knowing has passed...Welcome to the NEW AGE!  

The following is the input that my social media comrades shared.  Lets do it for the movement from here to there....Where?  Where ever it is that YOU, YOU, YOU, and the rest of YOU are seeking to go...Lets get it...This is in no particular order or thought process.  The spiritual organic process continues.   

The Questions

1. What does it mean to be spiritual?   

2. What does it mean to be righteous?

The Answers

  •  I think they are one in the same...That your moral compass guides you towards love away from negativity. You see the god in others and believe in the benevolent good. You trust your gut- the whispers from beyond...the realm of the ancestors. If you are that then you must be righteous.
  • I do not know what it means to be "spiritual,"  To be "righteous" means to me that one consistently (90+% of the time) speaks and acts in support of being in which no one is mistreated AND in which the persons who need the most help receive the most help AND that the habitate necessary for the health of people and other creatures is preserved in all essential characteristics.
  • Living from the heart.
  • Not sure if there is a universal definition to these words since they're both so subjective. Spiritual seems to have become a substitute for those who may still practice religion but refuse to label themselves as such and righteous is in the minds of the doer of deeds which is often tied to a means to an end.
  • In my case spiritual means having a connection to the universe. Righteous means doing what you feel is right for YOU.
  • Spiritual: Connecting with Nature.  Righteous:  I dont have a clue.
  • I think to be spiritual means to believe that their is something unknown and unseen  that guides us in our daily life.  I believe to be righteous means that you have no faults? To claim perfection?  I am not sure.
  • I AM GOD.  Let me a God I am the creator of my Universe and the cocreator of our Universe.  I don't worry too much about being righteous.  It is what it is...non judgement.
  • Spiritual has to do with your connection and closeness to your religion.  Righteous has more to do with your moral beliefs most of which not all coincide with your religious and spiritual beliefs.
  • I don't know what it means to be righteous, but I think to be Spiritual is to listen and walk the path.
  • In my view to be righteous means to be accountable for what one knows to be truthful to them or real or meaningful.  To be spiritual would mean to commit to that knowing to live by that knowing.
  • To me spirituality is a connection with yourself (god)...ultimately God... which goes hand in hand with being righteous because to know God is to know love, positivity and walking an upright path no matter what.
  • For me being spiritual is just being in touch with my inner self.  My inner self is receptive to "things" I can't explain. I'm inclined to believe it's my ancestors as I must have inherited more DNA than just my mother's, father's and grand and great grands.  Being righteous is just having a clean heart to me. Not hurting people.
  • I have no clue but all mankind has his or her own reason.
  • I associate righteousness with religion...Religion in my opinion is equaled to slavery. To be Spiritually minded is to be free because you are fully aware of who you really are and live a life independent and separate from the confines of religion.
  •  I think being spiritual is having a deep personal connection with whatever force you feel motivates you.  Being righteous as far as I've read means being free from sin.
  • Spiritual or spirituality can mean different things for different people religion, meditation connecting to higher beings.
  • Spiritual to me denotes one's ability to connect in their own way to their Most High .    Righteousness denotes perfection. It alludes to being a good person in all aspects of one's life. Spirituality and righteousness are  customizable to the individual  because doctrine is not a requirement.
  • In my opinion, being spiritual is having a relationship with God and being righteous is doing your best to live right and moral according to the Word. Everyday, we are blessed to wake up it is a chance for us to live right, not doing the wrong that we did the day before.
  • Righteous TO ME simply means being true to yourself and what YOU believe...As long as you`re beliefs don`t infringe on anyone else or cause harm to anyone else stand by that shit, even if you stand alone...That's the definition of keeping it real and righteous to me...Now being SELF-righteous is a whole diff beast, a beast that I honestly don`t fuck with. That involves telling everyone else they`re wrong, and you`re beliefs are right. My motto is cliche' but its what I believe...DO YOU...Don`t try to make me do you, cuz i'm doing me...I`m staying true...To MYSELF.
  • Spiritual is inside connection ( personal) and righteous is seen on the outside by others.
  • I believe to be Spiritual is to connect at a supernatural level with Our Higher Power (Source) , our Creator.  According to the bible there no on among righteous . roman 3:10. According to bible , Christ has made us righteous.. So I say all that to say. No one is righteous in their own power.
  • Spirituality only refers to the Melaninated people. spirituality is what connects us to the supreme creator and all of the cosmic elements that exist both within the Omniverse and within you or YOU-NIVERSE. Melaninated people are light beings connected to the solar energy. Spirit is how that light energy is carried from the cosmos to the soul in a spiraling motion hence spirit or SPIRAL. Science calls it Fibonacci sprial but it's really called the Golden spiral. It contains ether and that is why the hair of the melaninated people grows out to form the 9 spiral. Spirituality is the movement of the omniverse within the body. So to be spiritual simply means to be Black & connected to the movement of universal energy.
  • Doing the right thing in your spirit through Gods eye! Loving Him and living for him. For with him those two things just flow out of you. All in his will and in his way!
  • I've always thought believing in the Holy Ghost or believing in a higher spirit.  When I looked it up it said something about transformation or believing in the transformation of the body.
  • Righteous is simply the natural order or of living, attempting to live daily by doing things you know or feel is right and exact...spiritual is knowing that for instance if someone dies, they're not necessarily gone...they exited they're physical shell, yet still exist....the knowing of the connection or carrying out the continuation of existence in our natural essence = Christlike
  • It means there's peace & luv within you.
  • spiritual means to have and inner connection with the Maker or what is unknown , Creation itself and, being righteous means living with moral character.
  • Spirituality is based on who you are and where you cone from your ancestral and cosmic dna tells that story...To be spiritual is to be in tune with your DNA and past lives so that you can fulfill your purpose in this life and learn from this experience.....Righteousness is respecting life...Nature and your temple...Following universal law and the laws of Maat.  Righteous living is raising your vibration so you are functioning at a higher frequency detaching from this matrix and staying in tune with the universe and your ancestors... hope this helps beloved
  • Spiritual is knowing that everyone and everything on earth is connected and are spiritual beings.  Being spiritual is looking within your spiritual self for everything you need and desire.  Righteous is a lot of things but i would start with someone with high morals and values.
  • Yea. Yea. Yea. Your Truth.
  • Spiritual is someone that when they speak to you, you feel it's a work from God. And they walk in faith. Righteous is some that you can trust because they will always be fair and do the right thing.
  • Being righteous means doing what you know in your heart, mind and soul...Spiritual is a personal connection between you and your higher power.
  • Well for me this means that you have a belief in the supernatural or a spiritual being but  not necessarily  God the Father or Jesus Christ the Son.  You maybe wedded to a religious practice or ideology.  What does it mean to be Righteous?  Well for me it begins with Salvation as acknowledging that Jesus Christ is your personal savior and deciding that you will follow the will of God.  Then we as believers based on our faith and works receive righteousness from God. It is to be just and keeping your heart strong and pure for God. The breastplate of Righteousness helps protects  our hearts from being exposed to the wickedness of the world and it keeps is mortally upright...
  • To me spirituality to awareness of the energy around us, and to be righteous is respect life as especially human life and freewill of others.
  • Spiritual in my opinion is being in tune with nature and righteous is being yourself.
  • To me spirituality is to know yourself, first and foremost. I feel that this will take one to a lot a places(if you know what I mean). I am learning things.  What does it mean to be righteous? I feel that fair, wisdom, and understanding is righteous.
  • My interpretation of being spiritual is being grounded in the knowledge that ther is an unexplainable presence that has the power to take ahold of your thoughts and feelings in a good way or a terrible way.. In simple terms. If you are spiritual meaning to me a strong FAITH in a entity called GOD then you are aware of a sinister presence that feeds your dark slush and negativity. To be RIGHTEOUS.... Means every ACTION you partake in is for the greater good of society as oppose to self. Now there also is no exact answer because all is dependable on the individual to in fact recognize evil.. Because we live in a society that says everyone non white is inherently evil suspicious  so that lights the small fire for lack of faith...
  • It means being me!
  • Spiritual for me mean: loving myself as well as others, first priority! I know that I care about people, our planet & animals! A spiritual person knows that we are all One & we attempts to honor this Oneness! Spiritual has to do with non-material things! I believe in what I see & feel about God's presence. Now Righteous wow that was kind of hard! Only God above has that! Righteous is free from SINS or GUILT, it's hard for man to be trusted regardless of any circumstance! Perfection is hard & we all come short of that! Definition: righteousness; as behavior that is morally justifiable or right! Righteous has a lot to do with our attitude, behavior & attribute. I think righteous is  God's  Laws....
  • I think that the act of being spiritual and righteous has a lot to do with how you treat others, the earth, and yourself. Living Ma'at is being righteous. Does that mean you actually know what Ma'at is? Absolutely not! Many live in Ma'at and have never heard the word. Yes, I think it makes you righteous, however, spiritual is what we all are as we are spirits having a human experience. Innerstanding that God is within not without. That we are not superior to nature, animals, etc. Showing gratitude to the divine creator by action, not, just words. Showing that we appreciate the gift of life by eating healthy, avoiding alcohol, substances, and anything else that may possibly destroy the vessel that the divine creator has leased to us to fulfill our  purpose on earth. Innerstanding that the physical is only one aspect of this thing.
  • Whenever you find spirituality righteousness and what it means to be righteous will be found...
  • Spiritual = non-physical.  Righteous...I haven't a clue.
  • Belief of God...To have faith...To be righteous is to have a godly heart... Love...if I speak from the book I have to be careful because if we all/some are righteous why do we sin...
  • To me spiritual means understanding there is a higher energy and we are connected to it, we do not know what it is, but we know it exist and we exist through it, I also believe being spiritual means inner balance of ones thoughts which for many is hard to obtain, because there to busy believing the worlds reality, as far as righteous maybe it goes hand in hand with spiritual, and maybe there is no such thing, after all these words were all made up by man and given a definition.
  • Knowing oneself in this realm and paradigm knowing & embracing the light & dark within  Righteous is to me in deeds and thoughts DOING wha is just.
  • To Be In Touch With Your Higher Self, Shit You Do Is For More Then Just The Flesh.

There you have it. "The people" have spoken.  I hope that this sharing activity will catapult you into the next dimension of your life, and in doing so it will inevitably raise the vibration of your world for the betterment of all.  Simply put, we are All of The All, and The All is All of us.  Deuces up, and remember.....WHAAAAAAAATEEVAA YOU DO...Be Happy and laugh in the process!

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