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The Amazing and Bountiful Benefits of Coconut Oil 


Coconut oil is arguably the most nutrient dense, and diverse 'superfood' on the market, and  accessible to everyday people.  Although coconut oil has long been a staple for many health conscience people in the underground world.  Coconut oil has now garnered mainstream attention, and as a result, it is now "official" to the world at large.  Often times when things become a part of mainstream, they are merely: a trend or a passing phase of a limited reality.  Well, this is one trend, that has long standing health benefits for all that venture into the world of coconut oil usage. 

Now I will not bore you, the reader with more information that is necessary, but I will provide you an array of uses of the oil, just to show the range in diversity, and why you should keep some around your household.  First I will share with you some of my personal uses, and then I will delve into other areas of coconut oil benefits. 

On the regular, I take a spoonful upon waking, and another spoonful as I prepare to rest.  I do this for the antibacterial, and antiviral properties.  I, like many others have had some form of digestive concern over the years, and the coconut oil is a definitive aid with all digestive issues.  Including bloating, gas, IBS, to name a few.  I also brush my teeth with coconut oil , mixed with some baking soda.  No more HARMFUL fluoride for me.  Have you ever noticed the notation on the back of MOST toothpaste, including the so-called "healthy" brands?  Well there is a notification that states contacting poison control if too much is swallowed!  It's toothpaste!  Why would I have to contact poison control for toothpaste?  Obviously it has poison in it.  Go figure!  Now go read your toothpaste to find out if the notice is on your current brand.

As my day begins and ends by utilizing coconut oil internally, I then transition to my outer body experiences with this superf…

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Sonic Force: Let Your Light Be Your Guide, And Your Soul Lead The Way

Experiencing this life without adhering to the time spent practicing, aka learning from ones experiences, has left some assed out like cheeks in thongs, but I see your strength, know that you are strong enough to move beyond your current flow of energy. There's another frequency to experience that can elevate your will, your desire, your passion, and that fire is the inner light that can burn to ashes the self that you will no longer be. When you look in the mirror know that you are as free as your last thought.  You are as strong as your soul's fearlessness.  You are revered by some that have not yet informed you of how your light brightens their respective spaces.  We are all here with carefully crafted obligations, missions, duties, assignments, etc.  Experiencing all that you have and will continue to experience is all a part of your soul journey contract.  You wouldn't wanna breach the contract, now would you?


So as we all continue to rock what we do to turn this planet right side up again.  Just know that when you meet a challenge, it is all a part of the agreement to experience for reasons that you may have yet to recall.  Don't give in, don't give up, don't stop.  When you decide to vibrate away from that perceived challenge, then know that you have just played a major role in uplifting the vibratory frequency of your inner world (soul), as well as the world around (others), and certainly, the world in which we all occupy a little piece of space. So you gotta rock, and don't stop it...It is well worth the experiences. 

Let Your Light Be Your Guide, And Your Soul Lead The Way. 
Thanks for taking a moment out of your day to share in my world.  I trust that this message will resonate, vibrate, and elevate you, and your desires.
Elliott Cee
Making Change One Thought, And Mind At A Time™
From The Book of El 
circa 2016

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Wellness Wisdom Article™ From The Streets To The Suites 1.14.16

In a nation where all things that have a humanistic element are at an all time low, at least in the minds of many.  it is easy to become a victim of someone else's desires.  What is the underlying cause of this victimization?  It is most definitely a myriad of reasons.  The most detrimental is being a victim of one's own thinking.  Since there are many factors that led to a corrupted thought process, they are equally relevant, yet time, nor space will afford me the opportunity to delve into all of them now. 

However, it is necessary to give notice to those that I know to be generational, and more problematic.  They will include, but are not limited to corporate media saturation of "current events" where the so-called reports, and reporters manipulate information for specific agendas.  Are you a victim of that?  ​ More than likely if you are one that fancies themselves on keeping up with "current events".  Big business, and political illusions.  We all have been victims of business and political agendas dating back to that very first moment that you tuned in!  

In this era of technology such as desktop computers, laptop computers/notebooks, iPads, as well as cell phone technology makes everyone vulnerable to becoming a victim.  All of these devices connect people to anonymous persons all over the world.  In this type of climate, it becomes easier to become a victim of all sorts of scenarios.  Included, but not limited to cyber crimes of fraud, GoFundMe, and similar types of funding campaign scams, buying bogus items from so called businesses, or craigslist advertisers, etc.  If you are so called minority, then you have a whole other form of victimization, and if you are a so-called Black, African American, and/or a woman, then your experiences have a long list of victimization, that eventually manifest itself into evolving into victimhood as one moves into manhood, and wom…

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Wellness Wisdom Article™: From The Streets To The Suites Tues. 1.12.16

There are some that can see beyond normal eyesight vision, and with their genuine kindness make efforts to transform the world with their vision. Those amongst us that use their respective crystal balls (eyes), and their 1st eye to some, and 3rd eye to others(the mind),  as well as their instinct, intuition, and is led by their respective souls are often times the highest form of visionaries.  These people commune amongst everyday people rarely to be taken seriously by those deemed as peers, family, and other contemporaries.  These  souls are the ones that are so in tune with everything that there is, that they often times are perceived as being "standoffish, loners, introverts, and to know-it-all'" just to mention a few misnomers.  Well, that perception just may be correct, but it is not all that there is to these light beings.  In all actuality they are balanced beings harmonized with their very existence. 

Today's message from The Book of El is shared to remind, and encourage you that you are on a path that has specific duties for you to experience, and fulfill with a purpose that is only meant for you.  It is your vision, and yours alone to adhere to.  That's not to say that there isn't any other being on the planet that is not having a "similar" experience.   We all share commonalities in some variance or another, but vision is an exclusive, and it will align you with the beings that you are destined to experience greater things with....So, don't be discouraged, and continue to shine your LIGHT!!

From The Book of El
Elliott Cee
Making Change One Thought, And One Mind At A Time


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All Of You: Accountability

Wellness Wisdom Article™: From The Streets To The Suites 1.11.16 

Accountability is arguably the most valuable thought, and action that one could utilize. It is interesting that many have yet to embrace themselves to that degree.  Simply stated, if you do not accept yourself in all of your totality, and 100% of your good, bad, and in between then there is a great detriment to oneself.  For the record, "good, bad, and in between" is merely a matter of perception, and in its purest form is merely energy perceived. 

That aforementioned detriment to self inevitably will manifests itself outwardly.  Basically, mirrors from the soul. The end result, you can't hide from yourself, and you most certainly can't hide yourself from those that can see.  So, wherever you are, so will your accountability, or lack of accountable be.  It's a new day!  How are you going to carry it?  Be Great!  Be Accountable!  Be All Of You...

From The Book of El
Elliott Cee
Making Change One Thought, And One Mind At A Time


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The Aloe Very Experience: 7 Well Known Benefits

The Aloe Very Experience:  7 Well Known Benefits

My experiences using aloe vera dates back many, many, many years.  I initially began to use it as a facial supplement.  I preferred the gel, over the juice, simply because it was less liquified, and has a thicker viscosity.  The thickness I liked because it gave more of an illusion of a commercial cosmetic, such as a facial cream, or lotion.  I have experimented with the juice, but my best overall results came from the Aloe Vera gel.

I used to always see aloe vera as an ingredient in nearly all commercial skin products that caught my attention, so me being the nosy, intuitive integrative thinker that I am decided to just go straight for the aloe vera, and eliminate the other ingredients that were in the other products.  Often times, this is how I discover new ways of being, new ideas, and create new realities.  So, almost instantly, after I began to use the gel on my face, I began to get remarks about my facial appearance as it relates to the smoothness, and glow.  I really don't know if it was so much so the aloe, or just my overall being that the aloe highlighted more, because I have never had facial "problems".  Insert a giggle here.   It's interesting that it was awesome on my face, but had very little results on other topical areas of my body as it relates to hydration.  I suppose I have different skin needs in different regions of my body.

Case in point, during this time in my life I was an avid runner.  I would jog a few miles per day, per week, and having a torn ACL ligament during some of those years, as well as having inflammatory issues after having the ligament repaired.  I would put some aloe on my knee.  Once again it proved to be a good fit for that purpose, but again, no hydration aka glow on that area of my body.

Years later, while doing my duty as a city school teacher, I acquired a stomach ulcer.  I can only conclude that the ulcer was a result of caring too much about oth…

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Wellness Wisdom™ Article: Do You Know Your Food?


Do You Know Your Food?

Do you know your food?  This could be a "silly" question to some.  A "rhetorical" question to others, and a flat out poignant question for the modern food connoisseur.  Juicing with G has put together an updated clean 15 food list, as well as the dirty dozen.  Pay attention!  Class is in session LOL.  I am thankful that there are many on a mission to keep us informed about the wacky world of corporate war waged against our very livelihood by way of our mouths, and plates.  It moves me to wonder, why would people disguised as corporations think this way?  The most common reply to the question, would possibly be for the purposes of maximizing profits.  Yeah, I am sure that has a significant purpose in having to study, learn, and know the foods that you love.

Aside, from GMO, Genetically Modified Organisms being passed off as "food".  We also have to be concerned about the chemicals such as pesticides, and herbicides.  I may as well mention the soil.  The soil, according to many in the food productivity arena, health experts,  nutritional gurus, et al have shared over the years that the soil is depleted of over 45 plus nutrients (Vitamins & Minerals).

A lack of nutrients, in my opinion, is the reason that Americans now suffer from sooooo many disabilities, ailments, and diseases.  That are more rightly called imbalances. 

The following infographic is an excellent reference to get in the game of knowing your food, updating your knowing of food, or just simply being aware that the foods that you consumed may not be what they used to be, and what you thought that they were.

Dirty Dozen Infographic


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Balance With Clear Vision

    Balance With Clear Vision  

Wellness Wisdom Article™: From The Streets To The Suites

Balance: a state in which different things occur in equal or proper amounts or have an equal or proper amount of importance.  -Merriam Webster online dictionary


Recently I was having a conversation with a young lady that teaches Hip Hop dance to the babies at the neighborhood Y.  During our conversation, I shared with her that earlier that morning while driving westward, the sun was shining behind me, and the moon was visibly glowing in front of me.  I told her that I was balanced between the two.  The teeter to the tot, and the tot to the teeter (lol), if you will.

I went on in saying that I co-existed with nature,  a part of nature, and that The All is everything, and everything is The All.  Which in lamen thought is a contradiction.  But, isn't most things in ground level thinking a contradiction?  I very seldom stay grounded, knowing that I can fly.  Well, anyway.  She most definitely pulled me up on the statement, and asked if you co-exist with nature, then what you said doesn't make any since.  I said "it doesn't make sense to you".  Now of course, she had a valid point, and perspective. But what she lacked was the moment in time in which I had the experience, and the interpretation of what that experience was to me, and that my friend is where the rubber meets the road.

In an attempt to invite her into my world, I explained that every cell of the body has it's own identity, and when they come close together they appear to make an organ, or another larger component.  I asked her where were they housed?  Which in her mind was possibly a "trick" question, cause i never got an answer, or I wasn't patient enough to wait beyond the time that I figured she would have taken to respond, since she had been very quickly responsive earlier in the dialogue, so I continued on with sharing "my world view".  I elaborated, and shared that the …

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Financial Longevity


Financial consciousness is of vast importance in todays world.  If you don't think so, then try going one full month without participating in commerce, and document how easy or difficult your life was for that period of time.  Are you up for the tasks?  I highly doubt it, but you may enjoy the struggles of life from that angle.  At any rate.  It is imperative that we as a whole become more accountable for our financial futures. 

I am fortunate that my Great Grand Mother (I wrote that purposely that way) had the insight to exercise wisdom, and groom me as early as 5-6 years old the importance of financial responsibility.  It was during those years that she opened my first bank account with my name on it.  Now, will having a bank account make you wealthy, rich, or financially secure?  Maybe, maybe not.  The fact of the matter though is starting me early in the financial game gave me a little leverage to build on as I continued to navigate, and mature through life.

In addition to the bank account early on. A few years later, my Great Grand Mother made a "financial deal" with me that ultimately changed my life forever.  Now, this most valuable "deal" served as part of a foundation that the tenticles spread in various areas of finance, including, but not limited to business, saving, investing, financial planning, and the art of the "deal" to mention a few.

What was the deal?  You may be wondering, well the results of the "deal" was simply this:  She presented me with an offer that kept me motivated to save money consistently.  The "deal" encouraged me to be mindful of where, how, and when I spent money.  The "deal" kept me focussed on a long range goal that came into being when I reached the age of 16.  Lastly, the "deal" gave me a respect for handling money wisely, planning for the future, as well as acquiring money management skills early in the financial game.  Which ultimately, has allowed me to experience life far greater than if I h…

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Food & The Body Temple

Living in a time when every aspect of our daily lives we are bombarded with some aspect of a toxin; be it food, air, water, or the people that you interact with day to day.  It can be concluded that all environments are contaminated with a detrimental pollutant.  As a result, many people are beginning to feel that they are defenseless; therefore, leading many to only be reactionary forces against the low density environments, and toxic environmentalists. 

Well we do have some authority over our challenges if we so choose to be proactive in our approach.  Our primary defense mechanisms are what we choose to put into our mouths as "food", in conjunction with our perception of the toxic environments.  The quality of thought, and the quality of food that we ingest will either reduce the effectiveness of the immune system or enhance its function which is the protection against foreign invaders of the body systems. 

The primary purpose of food intake is for nutrition.  To feed the cells the energy that they need to function optimally.  However, that thought very seldom is the reason that people put food into their mouths.  It is interesting that people willfully sacrifice nearly every organ in their respective bodies to ensure the pleasure of one.  Do you know which organ is guaranteed satisfaction?  Meanwhile the heart, brain, kidney, liver, colon, skin (which is the biggest organ), and all the rest are literally punished to appease your favorite organ.  What is your favorite organ you should be thinking?  Here is a clue or two.  It is made up of eight muscles, and is instrumental in the beginning phases of the digestive process.  By now you should have an idea that the tongue is like the new born baby in the family of organs, because it gets catered to all the time without much thought.  It is a "natural" occurrence for people to make sure that the tongue is taken care of and satisfied. 

Food can harm, and food can heal.  You already know …

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SunChild Essentials Wellness Wisdom Poetry

Shadow Boxing (Tri-Dimensional Anguish)

Shadow boxing,

™my sparring partner is

me versus I,

with my self's 1st degree;

'cause it's easy to harm my inner visions

and stagnate the progression,

the hate is the infection.


Incisions made and penetrated

the 2nd degree

of this tri-dimensional monopoly;

degrades my fate and faith.

My destiny is great,

or less than The Most High's will,

I will build with that

which is me,

and undercut my potential.

The wounds burn like lightening

and its frightening cause I know better.


I creep slowly through the headstrong debris,

only to realize that i'm not

totally free,

Exit wound in the 3rd degree.

As the sweat pours from this endless bout,

Round 1: A mental knock out

Recovery is inevitable!

Round 2: A physical TKO,

I begin to breathe slow.

Round 3: My spirituality is against the ropes,

I'm diminished in hope.

Slipped, failed, and choked

off of second hand cancerous smoke.


Regrouped and refocused by none other

than myself,

only to find out that dimension 3 is the epitome

of the tri-dimensional anguish.

I wish this were painless,

This nemesis is aimless suffering.

During round 4,

I get real bold,

my soul loses to doubt and self-control,

I'm sitting front and center,

preacher screaming

and the congregation shouts.

Should I form a new quest like tribe,

and try another route?


The roots of this is senseless,

repentance on bended knees or flee

from myself to save me?

Looking in the mirror I see a reflection-

The shadows of light;

whether wrong or right it's true.

Before I can love you,

I have to understand me,

and be with myself to introduce you

to I.

We seduce and induce lucifer's juice,

the result is intrusion of one's self.

Life shadows at sunset,

no regrets,

I'm gaining my own self-respect.

The bet is against the 4th and 5th di…

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An Ode To We

Your aura has been captivating


the importance of the now...

Unknown to the physical;

The spiritual has been ignited

by the reuniting of energies.

The frequencies that are shared

vibrate & resonate

on levels we have not attained

during this journey.


We awaken yearning for more

of the fulfilment.

Replenishing what's been desolate & left for not

Overpowered by outer limits...

Limited forces

trying to erase what we need,

what we desire,

what elevates,

and replaced by will and power;

A program of The Matrix

leaving us alone

even when you are there.


Recalibrate the moment so that it

shall be indefinitely what is...

Stellar imperatives not restricted by time nor space

Confronting limitations face2face

yours to yours, and mind2mind;

The reflection is eternal

Do you remember?

Can you remember?

Will you remember?

Wheel yourself into a new day

sustaining all that which is



and ascend into your truest self and desires.


Elliott C, Wellness Architect™

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The I-N-I in me is free

To explore my femininity-

... The side of me that is she,

My Queen,

She is a divine being,

Complex, perplexed

And more pure than the X.


She is my nest of kin,

My omnipotent friend,

The Brown that covers my skin,

Conducting the beat of my heart,

Beyond smart-she’s creative,

And unique


She is the motion beneath my feet.


My Queen is beautiful and natural

Factually speaking,

She’s the soul of my soul

Our histories untold,

Unfold unto a solidity

Dismisses all iniquity,


And she is pleasantly refined-

Organically revived,

Thriving ‘cause she is the elevated state

Of the thoughts I manifest.

The best is yet, not a surprise,

Her beautiful brown eyes

Are the lights to my spirit

I see it and I hear it

Every time she calls.

When my back’s against the wall

She never lets me fall or stumble,

She is humble,

And blessed-

With wisdom and internal peace.


Never threatened by the beast within,

My Queen is my Queen until the end,

Or the next revelation;

I rest in peace and I’m pleased

‘Cause her voice eases

And strengthens my weakened knees,


And she’s beautiful

Like a smooth Caribbean breeze,

And care free

Like babies in the womb,

Not doomed or destined for stress,

She relaxes me like meditation


Her stimulation is not only sex

The quest,

Is the infinite love of her ways,

Dazed, crazed, and elated.


My love is her love.

Her love is mine,

For she is me,

And I am she

The masculine-embraced femininity,

Combined with separate identities,

Pleased that we know

And understand who we are.

I am your exhale

And you are my inhale

The air in life,

We are the righteousness of wrongs

The harmony of love songs.


Strong is the love in this temple

King and Queen on our thrones.

It’s been proven and shown.

Stressed it, tested, and blessed it

The best is still to come-

Together forever god and his goddess

360° of our presence.

The feminine of my masculin…

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Healing Thoughts aka The Healing


My wish for you is to be...

Be what you desire

Be free

Free from fear

And from that which binds

Be so free that when you

Think of what it means to be free

You have to redefine yourself

over & over

'Til you & freedom are one-

No longer a footnote at the end

of another's agenda


Love her, love she, love you

cause you are they, and they are you...


My wish for you is to be...

Be who you are

For you are beautiful

And full of life

And life is love & love is you

Be so into you that the only confirmation

Needed is the fact that you exists...

Affirm all aspects of yourself

So that each day your affirmation

Will be so powerful

That only you will comprehend-

Cause from beginning to end

That's what really matters.


My wish for you is to be

Be U nique

Be you tiful

Be u nified within


Be forgiving

Be courageous

Be with Peace inside


Cause Positive Energy Always Creates Elevation


Elliott C

Wellness Architect™

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Wellness Wisdom™ Article Spiritual Integrity

Spiritual Integrity


Recently I had a random thought.  One of those thoughts that hits you when you previously wasn't thinking about anything lol. So as opposed to going at it alone I took to social media and posed two questions for those in my network.  As a result, much learning took place on my behalf as it relates to the myriad of thought process, and vibrations that people operated from.  A highlight of the learning consisted of the following.  Interestingly, no answers were duplicate.  Not many were even similar.  Those that participated were comfortable, and free enough to allow themselves to share something that may be considered intimate with me.  In my opinion, that is spiritual in and of itself.  Most importantly though, I appreciate everyone that took a moment out of your life to adhere to my need for receiving your insight.

Some responded quickly.  Others responded to acknowledge the message with the intent to answer the question "later."  While others, simply flat out ignored the call.  What if the aforementioned was a gauge of ones spiritual meter?  What would that say about each individual person?  I don't know.  

Little did I know at the time when this process began that this would serve as independent research,  a random survey, as well as a learning tool which was the original intent.  I most certainly didn't anticipate sharing the data here on this forum.  This in my opinion, again was a spiritual, and organic process.  The best things experienced in my life has followed this process.

It is imperative to do independent research to not rely so heavily on data collected, shared, and then passed off as fact, truth, or real by people that you have never once interacted with, and have no idea of what there intent is.  Often times the intent is to focus your mind power on an untruth that is attached to an agenda of detriment to you, or your loved ones in some way,  form, or fashion.  Typically, the data is attach…

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