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SunChild Essentials Wellness Wisdom Poetry

Shadow Boxing (Tri-Dimensional Anguish)

Shadow boxing,

™my sparring partner is

me versus I,

with my self's 1st degree;

'cause it's easy to harm my inner visions

and stagnate the progression,

the hate is the infection.


Incisions made and penetrated

the 2nd degree

of this tri-dimensional monopoly;

degrades my fate and faith.

My destiny is great,

or less than The Most High's will,

I will build with that

which is me,

and undercut my potential.

The wounds burn like lightening

and its frightening cause I know better.


I creep slowly through the headstrong debris,

only to realize that i'm not

totally free,

Exit wound in the 3rd degree.

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An Ode To We

Your aura has been captivating


the importance of the now...

Unknown to the physical;

The spiritual has been ignited

by the reuniting of energies.

The frequencies that are shared

vibrate & resonate

on levels we have not attained

during this journey.


We awaken yearning for more

of the fulfilment.

Replenishing what's been desolate & left for not

Overpowered by outer limits...

Limited forces

trying to erase what we need,

what we desire,

what elevates,

and replaced by will and power;

A program of The Matrix

leaving us alone

even when you are there.


Recalibrate the moment so that it

shall be indefinitely what is...

Stellar imperatives not restricted by time nor space

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The I-N-I in me is free

To explore my femininity-

... The side of me that is she,

My Queen,

She is a divine being,

Complex, perplexed

And more pure than the X.


She is my nest of kin,

My omnipotent friend,

The Brown that covers my skin,

Conducting the beat of my heart,

Beyond smart-she’s creative,

And unique


She is the motion beneath my feet.


My Queen is beautiful and natural

Factually speaking,

She’s the soul of my soul

Our histories untold,

Unfold unto a solidity

Dismisses all iniquity,


And she is pleasantly refined-

Organically revived,

Thriving ‘cause she is the elevated state

Of the thoughts I manifest.

The best is yet, not a surprise,

Her beautiful b…

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Healing Thoughts aka The Healing


My wish for you is to be...

Be what you desire

Be free

Free from fear

And from that which binds

Be so free that when you

Think of what it means to be free

You have to redefine yourself

over & over

'Til you & freedom are one-

No longer a footnote at the end

of another's agenda


Love her, love she, love you

cause you are they, and they are you...


My wish for you is to be...

Be who you are

For you are beautiful

And full of life

And life is love & love is you

Be so into you that the only confirmation

Needed is the fact that you exists...

Affirm all aspects of yourself

So that each day your affirmation

Will be so powerful


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I contacted El for coaching and guidance on business. And he was very knowledgeable, he walked me though steps I needed to take to reach my goals for this year, became a source of extrinsic motivation, and assured me that I could get the job done.

If you are looking for someone to give you insight of setting up LLC, self publishing, or even websites I highly encourage you contact El. Very easy to talk to, and is patient

I tried the hair hydration for the first next week and I LOVE it! I had a soar on my scalp from where I was scratching. I put the hair hydration oil on the area and it was instantly healed! I recommend this product to everyone and I will be buying more in the future.

The Coconut Oil is light, not so oily that your face is shining. It's really good! Nice to the touch. Not overly expensive for the quality of the product. I'm enjoying this Coconut Oil.

I ordered the shea butter and I must say I am extremely impressed! It's very rich & creamy and now my wife allows me to come to bed without socks on! This is definitely the best product on the market and I'm looking forward to ordering the coconut oil.

Thank you. I had to say that first because I know you have the best coconut oil on the market. I always get the organic extra virgin coconut oil, and it's not your standard pick it up in the grocery mart oil. You're getting an oil that's been in the presence of a high vibrational being who I personally believe has either said some magical words over the oil or has kept the oil in a sacred space to charge up. The first bottle I ordered was for something very specific that needed healing on my physical body. I don't use standard pharmaceutical drugs, so I always resort to herbs and natural healing modalities to fix all ailments. Well, I tried a few different things before I decided to give the oil a try and ever since I used it faithfully the wound healed up and scarring is not noticeable. I'm really grateful we still have some natural healers out here.

I am absolutely loving the ability to carry coconut oil in my purse without experiencing any leakage. More importantly, SunChild's product tastes pure (I use it for oil pulling) and keeps my hair and skin hydrated and soft. You have a dedicated customer. Thank you!

The coconut oil is Superb, and it fits perfectly into my purse. I love the high quality, unique T-shirts ElliottC carries as well. I'll be back again for more.

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