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Overview & Services

The life & wellness chats are designed to be an initial step in creating lifestyle changes that will heighten joy, balance, and synchronicity into your life with wisdom, insight, freedom, intellect, and integrity as the foundation.  You, and or your friends/co-workers, and or organization will be provided information that can transform your life from its current state to one that is more rewarding.  The basis of the information comes directly from a Wholistic, and balanced perspective.  In short, Wholistic Health is a concept that focusses on mind, body, spirit, soul, and emotional well being.  The result when implemented, and daily growth habits are utilized is optimal health.  When one is functioning with optimal health, weight management, stress management, emotional balance, disease prevention, as well as disease reversal are made easier.

In addition to working with you from the inside out, we can also be of service in the form of teaching you the basics of operating a small business.  More precisely, a Specialty Retail Business.  An industry that is not highly known to the general public.  I can teach you some insider tips, and techniques.


Specialty Retail Services

  • Have you heard of Specialty Retail before now?
  • Have you ever thought of operating your own business?
  • Would you like to learn of a low cost start up business that is easy to manage?
  • Would you like to increase your earning potential by 50%-100%?

If any of the above questions sparked an interest, then I can teach you how to start, and operate a Specialty Retail Business successfully.  I can walk you through every step of the way, and within a few weeks to months you can be on your way to an increased income.

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