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Stephanie, Cleveland, OH

You have inspired me to continuously move forward in my life.  You have encouraged me to move beyond my fears and limiting beliefs.  Also, you believed in my abilities when I was stuck or lacking motivation. 




Elecia Joan, LA, CA

Relationships can be tricky...Especially with all the simulation between what we see on reality TV and what we read in the magazines.  How do I come into wholeness so that I can know when it's real and wen it isn't?  Most relationship advisors are designed to give you bits and pieces so that you'll only receive partial breakthrough as a means of manipulating you to come back for more.  What sets Elliott C apart is he doesn't just feed the "man" fish so he can only eat that day...This information does not expire and the tension between the timelessness of it and the current relevance is what brings you back for MORE!  Elliott C said it best "people put all their good cards out first to draw them in, the difference here is that ALL the cards are the best!"