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Balance With Clear Vision

    Balance With Clear Vision  

Wellness Wisdom Article™: From The Streets To The Suites

Balance: a state in which different things occur in equal or proper amounts or have an equal or proper amount of importance.  -Merriam Webster online dictionary


Recently I was having a conversation with a young lady that teaches Hip Hop dance to the babies at the neighborhood Y.  During our conversation, I shared with her that earlier that morning while driving westward, the sun was shining behind me, and the moon was visibly glowing in front of me.  I told her that I was balanced between the two.  The teeter to the tot, and the tot to the teeter (lol), if you will.

I went on in saying that I co-existed with nature,  a part of nature, and that The All is everything, and everything is The All.  Which in lamen thought is a contradiction.  But, isn't most things in ground level thinking a contradiction?  I very seldom stay grounded, knowing that I can fly.  Well, anyway.  She most definitely pulled me up on the statement, and asked if you co-exist with nature, then what you said doesn't make any since.  I said "it doesn't make sense to you".  Now of course, she had a valid point, and perspective. But what she lacked was the moment in time in which I had the experience, and the interpretation of what that experience was to me, and that my friend is where the rubber meets the road.

In an attempt to invite her into my world, I explained that every cell of the body has it's own identity, and when they come close together they appear to make an organ, or another larger component.  I asked her where were they housed?  Which in her mind was possibly a "trick" question, cause i never got an answer, or I wasn't patient enough to wait beyond the time that I figured she would have taken to respond, since she had been very quickly responsive earlier in the dialogue, so I continued on with sharing "my world view".  I elaborated, and shared that the cells, and organs are all located inside of the body.  And in doing so, they all co-exist, function seperately, and operate as one unit known as the body.  So, I continued by stating as above so below, and what's within, is without.  A universal law.   Thus, this is how I viewed myself as a balancer in that moment being in between the sun and the moon earlier that sunny morning.

Balance: noun   A situation in which two opposing forces have or are given the same power -Cambridge Dictionaries Online

The major moral of the story is if you do not accept the invitation into someone else's world, then don't speak in a tone of disbelief, judgement, or arrogant smartness in an effort to dismiss the adventures of others while viewing on the outside.  Of course, there are many secondary lessons that can be extracted from the story, and you will get what is meant for you from it.  Remember when resting on the outside, your perspective will be vastly different from the person, or persons that has an inside, upside, downside, and outside view.  Be easy, chill, and grow.

Thanks for taking some minutes out of your life to read my thoughts, and take a peek into my experiences.  Remember....WHAAAAAAAAAATEEEEVA YOU DO (got that from my Grand Dad)....Have fun, laugh, and be happy in the experience.

Elliott C

Making Change One Thought, And One Mind At A Time™

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