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Every answer that came from some sort of clear rationale ended up very similar. Very few contributions to the post were so estranged as to give a truly different perspective. So, if one was to try to capsulize and capitulate the overriding answer(s) to the questions succincting, the verdict appears to stand at: SPIRITUALTY is one's wholistic internal compass and RIGHTEOUSNESS is the actions that follow.


Coconut Oil News and Usage


Coconut oil is arguably the most nutrient dense, and diverse 'superfood' on the market, and  accessible to everyday people.  Although coconut oil has long been a staple for many health conscience people in the underground world.  Coconut oil has now garnered mainstream attention, and as a result, it is now "official" to the world at large.  Often times when things become a part of mainstream, they are merely: a trend or a passing phase of a limited reality.  Well, this is one trend, that has long standing health benefits for all that venture into the world of coconut oil usage. 

Now I will not bore you, the reader with more information that is necessary, but I will provide you an array of uses of the oil, just to show the range in diversity, and why you should keep some around your household.  First I will share with you some of my personal uses, and then I will delve into other areas of coconut oil benefits. 

On the regular, I take a spoonful upon waking, and another spoonful as I prepare to rest.  I do this for the antibacterial, and antiviral properties.  I, like many others have had some form of digestive concern over the years, and the coconut oil is a definitive aid with all digestive issues.  Including bloating, gas, IBS, to name a few.  I also brush my teeth with coconut oil , mixed with some baking soda.  No more HARMFUL fluoride for me.  Have you ever noticed the notation on the back of MOST toothpaste, including the so-called "healthy" brands?  Well there is a notification that states contacting poison control if too much is swallowed!  It's toothpaste!  Why would I have to contact poison control for toothpaste?  Obviously it has poison in it.  Go figure!  Now go read your toothpaste to find out if the notice is on your current brand.

As my day begins and ends by utilizing coconut oil internally, I then transition to my outer body experiences with this superfood of an oil.  After showering, or bathing, I rub the oil "alllll ova my body".  I just had a flashback from a Martin Lawrence comedic moment.  It is most definitely a superb moisturizer, as well a skin healer.  It alleviates the irritations of burns, cuts, scars, eczema, rashes, etc.  I recently had  a little kitchen knife cut.  I dab some oil on it, and it was like I never got cut!  Amazing right!?  I conclude that had something to do with the vitamin k content in the oil.  The bleeding stopped almost instantaneously, and there was no trace of a cut. 

In addition to the full body treatment.  It is also very nutritious for the hair and scalp.  I don't have much hair, mostly scalp.  So for my experience my scalp is equivalent to the rest of my body's skin. 

However, If you want a lush, shiny, healthy look, and feel, then you need that coconut oil in your life.  Since coconut oil has antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties, It can assists with hair maintenance in between beauty shop visits.  Most suitable for all natural hair styles as well.  The nutritional components of vitamins, minerals assists with nourishing the scalp, warding off dandruff, and supports hair growth as well. 

My next ritualistic adventure with coconut oil is oil pulling.  Now this is something that has been around for years.  I first learned of oil pulling in the late 90's, early 2000's by a wonder woman by the name of Suzaar.  She introduced this concept to me at an informational lecture, and I immediately incorporated the technique into my lifestyle.  For those that may not be familiar with the term oil pulling.  It is basically rinsing your mouth with the oil for an extended period of time. Preferably a minimum of 3 minutes, at least once per day.  The longer the time rinsing, the better the results of the antibacterial effectiveness.  As many have concluded, many of the health challenges that people encounter begins right there in the mouth, which is the beginning of the digestive process.  It has been proven, and shown that the majority of the diseases that people are confronted with is the result of poor digestion. Again, coconut oil is a food tool, that can aid with digestive issues.  Are you ready to begin your oil pulling adventures?  I say adventures, because in my particular case, the rinsing generates a lot of saliva.  Which eventually leads to some serious drooling.  So if you are like me, then you might want to take some precautionary measures for the imminent pool of drool.  It's really not that bad, besides we've all been infants that drooled.  So no big deal.  As my granny used to say "once a man, twice a child" and this might be a child like experience, but well worth the health of it all.

Yams Cooked In Coconut Oil

Moving forward from my journey from within, and the internal uses of coconut oil by way of oil pulling/mouth rinsing, tooth brushing, and my two daily doses, venturing into the topical uses of body, and hair uses.  Now I shall share with you how I get down in the kitchen with this superfood, nutrient dense, amazing treat.  
Over the years coconut oil has become one of my most consistent and favorite items in the kitchen, right along with coriander.  I use coconut oil in yams, sweet potatoes, popcorn, and almost anything that requires butter.  It is my butter substitute.  I have on occasion used it in place of olive oil in my kale salad.  Talk about something different, exciting, and exotically flavorful.  It was truly a mouth experience to be remembered.  The downside of that is that I made a lot of the salad, and had to refrigerate it.  So guess what?  The coconut oil had become solid again.  So that is something to keep in mind if you decide to try it on a salad.  It was still delicious, but not quite as exciting as it was initially. 
Since it is a high temperature oil, it brings more life to fleshy dishes, so if you wanna really get an exotic flava going on try frying some chicken with it.  I don't think you understand what I'm giving you here.  Although I am currently not a flesh eater.  I have been down that road.  I guarantee you that you will have an orgasmic mouth experience. I am creative when in the kitchen.  A culinary scientists if you will.  I do a little of this, and some of that, and the creations are life enhancing flavorful delights that will ignite tastes buds that have been lying dormant as a result of the same old, ordinary, boring ideas in the realm of culinary, and edible satisfaction.
These are my personal experiences with the nutrient dense, superfood coconut oil.  There is so much more to this oil that I may come back at a later time, and share some of what the science community has to say.  I rarely speak much on things that are outside of my experiences, however coconut oil is so diverse, and expansive I may have to provide an exception to my rule to bring you more life enhancing information about coconut oil. 
As always, thanks for taking some moments out of your life to read my mind/thoughts. Remember......"WHATEEEEVVAAA YOU DO Laugh, Have Fun, and Be Happy in the experience!"

Elliott C
Making Change One Thought, And One Mind At A Time™
​From The Book Of El 3916




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