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Financial consciousness is of vast importance in todays world.  If you don't think so, then try going one full month without participating in commerce, and document how easy or difficult your life was for that period of time.  Are you up for the tasks?  I highly doubt it, but you may enjoy the struggles of life from that angle.  At any rate.  It is imperative that we as a whole become more accountable for our financial futures. 

I am fortunate that my Great Grand Mother (I wrote that purposely that way) had the insight to exercise wisdom, and groom me as early as 5-6 years old the importance of financial responsibility.  It was during those years that she opened my first bank account with my name on it.  Now, will having a bank account make you wealthy, rich, or financially secure?  Maybe, maybe not.  The fact of the matter though is starting me early in the financial game gave me a little leverage to build on as I continued to navigate, and mature through life.

In addition to the bank account early on. A few years later, my Great Grand Mother made a "financial deal" with me that ultimately changed my life forever.  Now, this most valuable "deal" served as part of a foundation that the tenticles spread in various areas of finance, including, but not limited to business, saving, investing, financial planning, and the art of the "deal" to mention a few.

What was the deal?  You may be wondering, well the results of the "deal" was simply this:  She presented me with an offer that kept me motivated to save money consistently.  The "deal" encouraged me to be mindful of where, how, and when I spent money.  The "deal" kept me focussed on a long range goal that came into being when I reached the age of 16.  Lastly, the "deal" gave me a respect for handling money wisely, planning for the future, as well as acquiring money management skills early in the financial game.  Which ultimately, has allowed me to experience life far greater than if I had not acquired these skills, and techniques as early as 5-6 years old.

Are you curious to learn of the "deal" that was made?  Ok, ok, alright, I have stated enough of the benefits of the "deal".   Well, my Great Grand Mother, Nellie Mae, offered to match whatever dollar amount that I would have saved up to my 16 birthday for the purpose of getting a car.  That's right!  You better know, that at 16 I was styling and profiling in my '78 Cutlass Supreme LOL.

My Great Grand Mother was a very wise woman with barely a lower grade level education.  To be even more truthful, there isn't a word, or even enough words to accurately define her mind power.  So for the sake of understanding, I state that she was a "very wise woman". 

The car served dual purposes.  Of course it was for my cruising up and down the "the strip" and various city, and neighborhood blocks.  But more, and most importantly, I was her personal cheuffer LOL.  It was guaranteed that she'd get back and forth to church some 4-5 times a week with ease thanks to that loooooong range planning, insight, forward sight, and wisdom that she used in offering me pretty much a "deal" that I couldn't refuse.  In addition to the frequent church lifts, I was responsible for bringing the "daily bread" into the house.  She would send me out with grocery lists for several markets, and grocery stores loaded with coupons in hand.  I would have to go to this store for these items, then go across town to another store for other purchases, and sometimes another store for additional items.  In between the near nightly rides to church, and the late afternoon trips to the store, was the trips to take care of her personal banking as well as my coin deposits Lol.  The good ole' days of being a personal cheuffer, errand child, and responsible teenager...

So to all of you parents with young children, and you future parents that will have young children, start them early in life with financial planning, financial goals, and financial motivation to prepare them for a world that revolves around finance.  This will pretty much guarantee a financially happy future.  It is never too early to start a penny bank, or coin bank. That money adds up pretty quickly.  In fact, a large part of my bank deposits came from the small change that I would save.  I rolled those coins up, and took them straight to the bank for deposit.   And with the rate of inflation, now would be an ideal time to start! 

So, in closing, my desire for you is to atleast consider starting now, so your children won't have to repeat the identical process of starting over financially when you are no longer around.  By starting over I mean, go to college inquire an enormous amount of debt before ever getting a "real job". Or if not  college starting over by looking for "decent" work.  The point that I am stressing is familial progress isn't made by having to do the same things that those that came before you did.  Family progress is made by adding onto what was created before you arrived, and for you.  Start now, and the world can change in your family's favor in a mere generation or two.

Thanks for taking some minutes out of your life to read my thoughts, and take a peek into my experiences.  Remember....WHAAAAAAAAAATEEEEVA YOU DO (got that from my Grand Dad)....Have fun, laugh, and be happy in the experience.

Elliott C

Making Change One Thought, And One Mind At A Time™

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