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Shadow Boxing (Tri-Dimensional Anguish)

Shadow boxing,

™my sparring partner is

me versus I,

with my self's 1st degree;

'cause it's easy to harm my inner visions

and stagnate the progression,

the hate is the infection.


Incisions made and penetrated

the 2nd degree

of this tri-dimensional monopoly;

degrades my fate and faith.

My destiny is great,

or less than The Most High's will,

I will build with that

which is me,

and undercut my potential.

The wounds burn like lightening

and its frightening cause I know better.


I creep slowly through the headstrong debris,

only to realize that i'm not

totally free,

Exit wound in the 3rd degree.

As the sweat pours from this endless bout,

Round 1: A mental knock out

Recovery is inevitable!

Round 2: A physical TKO,

I begin to breathe slow.

Round 3: My spirituality is against the ropes,

I'm diminished in hope.

Slipped, failed, and choked

off of second hand cancerous smoke.


Regrouped and refocused by none other

than myself,

only to find out that dimension 3 is the epitome

of the tri-dimensional anguish.

I wish this were painless,

This nemesis is aimless suffering.

During round 4,

I get real bold,

my soul loses to doubt and self-control,

I'm sitting front and center,

preacher screaming

and the congregation shouts.

Should I form a new quest like tribe,

and try another route?


The roots of this is senseless,

repentance on bended knees or flee

from myself to save me?

Looking in the mirror I see a reflection-

The shadows of light;

whether wrong or right it's true.

Before I can love you,

I have to understand me,

and be with myself to introduce you

to I.

We seduce and induce lucifer's juice,

the result is intrusion of one's self.

Life shadows at sunset,

no regrets,

I'm gaining my own self-respect.

The bet is against the 4th and 5th dimensions,

'cause time and space

is an imaginary place to me,

but the other side of I

understands the clarity of this reality.


Now the shadow of my destiny

leads unto untapped territory;

Round 5:  I thought about taking a dive!

As the blow from fear dots my eye.

My own title is in contention.

Escaping from detention,

as we enter...

Round 6:  Now I know that this match is fixed!

i'm hit by jealousy from a paid heckler.

I felt the damage,

Self-Esteem vanished,

We manage,

our courage starts to charge.

Energy obtained from the Northern Star.

Round 7:  The cleansing is beginning.

Inner peace was scorned and scorched,

I was torched,

Defended myself against myself,

Knocked hatred to the pavement,

momentarily I debated,

waited for the finale'


it was clear entering...

Round 8:   It's infinite wisdom

uncovered and revisited.

I swung and lifted love to its proper position.

Switched my comprehension

and relieved from tension;

the power of my mind began a new mission.

Round 9:  Now the decisions are reversed,

with Green Light precision;

removed the last curse.

The rebirth of we,

raised with the shield of victory.

No longer using 7% of my brain.

The rest is retrieved from memory.

The enemy I fought,

My Self,

and conquered Me.

Embraced myself and kissed my shadow's purity;

and made love with me.

Now I know what it is to be liberated

via self-hatred

"I AM free!"

And ready to be Super Natural...


Elliott C

Wellness Architect™










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