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Living in a time when every aspect of our daily lives we are bombarded with some aspect of a toxin; be it food, air, water, or the people that you interact with day to day.  It can be concluded that all environments are contaminated with a detrimental pollutant.  As a result, many people are beginning to feel that they are defenseless; therefore, leading many to only be reactionary forces against the low density environments, and toxic environmentalists. 

Well we do have some authority over our challenges if we so choose to be proactive in our approach.  Our primary defense mechanisms are what we choose to put into our mouths as "food", in conjunction with our perception of the toxic environments.  The quality of thought, and the quality of food that we ingest will either reduce the effectiveness of the immune system or enhance its function which is the protection against foreign invaders of the body systems. 

The primary purpose of food intake is for nutrition.  To feed the cells the energy that they need to function optimally.  However, that thought very seldom is the reason that people put food into their mouths.  It is interesting that people willfully sacrifice nearly every organ in their respective bodies to ensure the pleasure of one.  Do you know which organ is guaranteed satisfaction?  Meanwhile the heart, brain, kidney, liver, colon, skin (which is the biggest organ), and all the rest are literally punished to appease your favorite organ.  What is your favorite organ you should be thinking?  Here is a clue or two.  It is made up of eight muscles, and is instrumental in the beginning phases of the digestive process.  By now you should have an idea that the tongue is like the new born baby in the family of organs, because it gets catered to all the time without much thought.  It is a "natural" occurrence for people to make sure that the tongue is taken care of and satisfied. 

Food can harm, and food can heal.  You already know that "you are what you eat."  It has been said that you basically will have a new body every 90 or so days.  Each cell in your body will recreate, and or regenerate itself within that time period.  So, what you are eating will have a profound impact on what type of cells, and ultimately body that you are recreating, and or regenerating.  The food that is eaten can effect the flow of energy that revitalizes your body, and to a lesser degree your being that it houses.  Food in essence can create blockages, or eliminate energy blockages.

Many brought up under the current trends in society have a tendency to eat what taste good, look good, and what is convenient or readily available.  This in large part is do to the fact that outside forces are manipulating how we utilize our time. In a world that is full of colorful foods, primarily fruits, and vegetables, there is absolutely no reason that we cannot enjoy delectable dishes that will be appealing to the eye, excitement to the tastes buds, and having you wanting more, and more after each taste.  Most importantly, bring your body's systems back into balance in conjunction with supplements and a moderate exercise routine which can give you an overall healthy existence.

Food is a vital source, and resource to enhance, and raise your energy levels from a dense lower vibrational frequency to higher vibrational frequencies.  Now, one may question, how is that possible? Well, simply put food and food substances can alter the biochemistry of the body, so if one is consuming low vibrational food such as burgers, fries, pizza, packaged food, and other forms of processed "junk" food, then chances are your body's energy field will be low causing you to struggle through your daily activities creating an enormous coffee habit, or other toxic quick fix "energy drink" chemical enhancers to survive.

On the other hand, if the majority of your diet consists of life giving foods such as leafy greens/veggies, and fruits/berries then your energy levels will resonate on higher vibrational frequencies effortlessly assisting you to thrive.  Furthermore, naturally your spirit will become more in tune with nature by consuming nature and you will receive a direct connect to the heavens/ethers all the while enjoying a heightened sense of awareness exploring higher realms of mind activity.  Am I saying that food alone does this.  No, not at all. I am saying that it plays a vital role.  The results of eating more raw, vegan, vegetarian or high energy foods are abundant, but I will share some of the more common that are relevant to our current high demanding life styles.  They include, but are not limited to the following:  clearer thought processes, more effective communication, more stamina in and out of the bedroom, less stress in general, but also less stress on the components of the digestive system, and the environment is set for your body move itself to its desired weight (management) which is the most effective weight management system on the planet.  In conclusion, proper nutrition byway of proper, and positive thinking along with right intellect are keys to restore ones self to glory. 

Thanks for taking some moments out of your life to read my mind/thoughts. Remember......"WHATEEEEVVAAA YOU DO Laugh, Have Fun, and Be Happy in the experience!"


Elliott Cee
Making Change One Thought, And One Mind At A Time™
​From The Book Of El

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